Magic Mushroom Vape Pens: Puff Your Way to Cloud Nine

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Of course, the rumors are true! The mad scientists at TRĒ House have been tinkering away, trying to make their next magic mushroom masterpiece and debut a new highway to Stoney Cloud Nine. Well, my dudes and dudettes, they’ve officially succeeded. 

Sure, you might already have your preferred routes to elevated euphoria; you could choose from THC gummies, HHC syrups, THC vape pens, and—let’s not forget—our trending fan-favorite magic mushroom gummies and mushroom chocolate bars. All these delicious, dank delectables make for a captivating carpet ride through the cosmos. 

But, even though these goodies get you where you wanna go (Stoney Cloud Nine), they definitely don’t match the look, the feel, and the rip-roaring effects of our new magic mushroom marvels: magic mushroom vape pens

Even the name rolls the lips and excites the cerebellum, while (possibly) perplexing the taste buds. “Shrooms in a vape?” you think. “What on Earth could that taste like?” Oh, fellow Vape Gods and Goddesses, get ready for four out-of-this-world, fruit-flavored vape pens with Earth-shattering effects. Our magic mushroom pens are about to launch you up the celestial Autobahn, en route to Neptune, straight through the rabbit hole!

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Awaken your third eye and quickly imagine the classic, traditional magic mushrooms. You’re probably picturing classic psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms—the ones outlawed in all 50 states. Our magic mushroom products don’t contain these bad bois. No, we use a proprietary blend of legal mushroom extracts to give our mushroom vape pens, gummies, and sweet ’n’ creamy chocolate bars their signature psychotropic effects. 

The active ingredients in this proprietary blend include 5-HTP (a.k.a. 5-hydroxytryptophan), rhodiola rosea, lion’s mane mushrooms, mimosa hostilis root, phenylethylamine hydrochloride, and cyanocobalamin (B12).

What Are Magic Mushroom Vapes?

Now, let’s meet the superstars of the show—the new potent ’n’ pretty vape pens in your stash. These mushroom vape pens are disposable and portable, letting you take their psychoactive effects on all of your cosmic travels. We’ve designed ’em to hold 2 grams of decadent mushroom-infused, fruit-flavored vape juice—all in a compact, pocket-sized vape pen. These puppies are pre-filled and pre-charged, so you can take a fat puff the second you free it from the box. Plus, you can find the one that fits your picky tastebuds and choose from four delicious, mouthwatering, tongue-smothering fruit flavors. 

Mushroom Pen Flavors


  • Head Buzz
  • Euphoria
  • Cerebral Effects
  • Mind-Melting Fun

Shrooms vs. THC

If you’ve danced with delta 9, delta 8, delta 10, or any other delightful hemp-derived cannabinoids before, you already know THC’s alluring effects, like the stimulating cerebral sensations from sativa strains or the soft, warm-butter body buzz from indicas. These classic effects are what draw so many people to THC: cannabis’ iconic psychoactive cannabinoid. These effects pull many adults into THC’s orbit, making for a relaxing or rowdy rendezvous. But how do these effects stack up next to our mushroom products?

“THC” is a pretty broad term. It encapsulates (big word!) a diverse collection of cannabis-based compounds, each one boasting its own slightly unique psychoactive properties. Every THC compound gets you baked ’n’ faded, of course, but how you feel along your smooth ascent to Cloud Nine is different with each one. You can feel relaxed, gently pressed into the couch, or energized, lifted, and inspired in an electric, euphoric swirl of creativity. It all depends on the strain, type of THC compound, and other natural ingredients, like terpenes, that are in your chosen THC product. For a THC-fueled rocket ride, there are a lot of factors to consider, fellow Space Cadets. 

On the other hand, our magic mushroom products elicit a vastly different shade of colorful euphoria that many adults say leans more head-heavy, giving them a significant boost in mental elevation—a rip-roaring rush of cerebral effects. Each of our mushroom vape pens creates the same exciting experience, just colored in by four different delicious fruit flavors. So, whether you enjoy the summertime notes of our Pink Lemonade Magic Mushroom Pen or the baked-apple extravagance of our Apple Tart Magic Mushroom Pen, you’ll arrive firmly planted in the same euphoric, mind-melting experience. 

But, like with every other mushroom or THC goody, effects vary from person to person. A few puffs might have you hang-gliding down the rabbit hole, on the verge of the sound barrier, while a few puffs might make your friend ascend into a monk-like zen, a big toe’s length away from enlightenment. It all depends on how your unique body chemistry responds to our potent, proprietary blend of legal shroom extracts. 

Mushroom Vape Pens vs. Mushroom Edibles

Made with the same signature blend of legal mushroom extracts, our magic mushroom gummies and magic mushroom chocolate bars offer similar psychoactive effects to these decadent mushroom vape pens—similar, but not quite identical. This is the classic sibling rivalry between edibles and vape pens; they come from similar origins, share similar features, but take two dueling, diverging paths. 

When you toss back a magic mushroom edible, effects generally take 30 minutes to two hours to kick in (depending on different bioavailability factors.) Vape pens, rather, pop with potent, psychoactive effects, launching you to the journey’s crux in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. And unlike those from edibles, effects from vape pens don’t linger for hours on end. When you take a couple puffs, you can expect to check out of your room on Stoney Cloud Nine after around 30 minutes to two hours. Though, how long you stay on Stoney Cloud Nine also depends on personal, unique bioavailability factors. 

How Do You Use a Magic Mushroom Vape?

Before you break out into a mushroom mambo, it’s always best to walk into Nirvana with a plan. Like with our THC vape pens, our shroom vape pens come pre-charged and pre-filled, so you don’t have to worry about a low battery or tinkering with reusable pods. Just unwrap that sucker and prepare the cabin for lift-off. 

Now, take inventory of your set and setting—two important factors for a successful mushroom mission to Mars. Are you in a space where you can kick your feet up and relax for a couple hours? We always suggest plopping down on a couch, flipping a nature documentary on the tube, and taking a small puff. Then, wait a couple of minutes to see what the effects feel like. After you seem to have a handle on the effects, feel free to take longer, stronger puffs to modify your psychoactive experience. 

We suggest 1 to 3 puffs for the perfect mushroom microdose. If you want a slightly more elevated brain buzz, 5 to 9 puffs is your Goldilocks zone. And 10 or more puffs are for the certified mushroom maestros—the ones who spend their winters at ski resorts on Pluto. 

A Note for the Vaping Newbies

Now, let’s talk to the newcomers. 

Is it your first time doing the mushroom mambo? Welcome! It’s probably best to start off with a light puff for your first time—this goes for THC vape pens, too. You’ll taste hints of the pen’s fruity flavors, whether Apple Tart, Blue Jello, Mango Smoothie, or Pink Lemonade, and you’ll feel the vapor settle in your lungs. 

Then, just wait. Resist the urge to indulge your taste buds in another succulent, sweet puff. Soon, you’ll start to feel the effects set in rather quickly, but they might not feel very strong. Just feel the effects, soak ’em in, get an idea of the cerebral sensations, and survey the rabbit hole before barrelling down it head first. Then, once you’re comfortably knee-deep in the effects, feel free to take a couple more puffs to enhance the experience. Or, just ride out the mushroom feels, land comfortably back on your couch, and take another small puff to stay cruising on the bunny slope—there’s nothing wrong with a microdose!

Other Types of Magic Mushroom Products

While it can be more fun than going all-in on a pair of pocket aces, vaping just might not be your thing. Or, vaping might be more of an occasional activity—one you bust out like fine china for special social circles only. Thankfully, we have a full line of edibles with magic mushrooms that book you for longer-lasting stays on Stoney Cloud Nine!

Sour Apple Shroom Gummies

Lip-puckering and mind-melting, our Sour Apple Magic Mushroom Gummies punch the taste buds with sweetly sour Granny Smith apple flavors before shipping your mind first-class through the rabbit hole, Address Unknown. Like with our mushroom vapes, you can regulate your experience by taking more or fewer gummies. One gummy is a simple, easy-peasy microdose, while 4 gummies create a standard stroll through Alice’s Wonderland, and 7 or more fully submerge you in a marvelous mushroom euphoria. Or, expand your taste buds and try one of our other fruity Magic Mushroom Gummies!

Four Types of Chocolate Bars with Shrooms

Chocolate lovers, check out our Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars. Made with rich, creamy milk or white chocolate, these bars are divvied up into 15 equally dosed squares. Like with the gummies, 1 square creates a subtle microdose, 4 a moderate dose, and 7 or more a rocket ship ride to Mars. 

Bon Voyage, Space Rangers!

Whatever your mushie product of choice, we know you’ll love charting the stars from up close with TRĒ House mushroom products. Now, buckle up. It looks like Houston has already started the countdown!

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