Rolling Papers & Cones

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Don’t start your next smoking sesh by trusting your precious flower to cheap rolling papers. Grab quality blaze gear with TRĒHouse rolling papers and cones, and get lit!

The Best Smoking Accessories Anywhere!

No one wants a toxic, bleachy smoking experience. Entrust your blissful bud to top-of-the-line rolling papers and cones, made with natural plant fibers and zero bleach. With TREࠢ House smoking accessories, you can focus on what’s really important: the sweet green inside!

Righteous Rolling Papers: Ultra-Thin & Unbleached

All of our rolling papers are crafted from natural plant fibers, and come in Ultra Thin and Unbleached rolling paper options. TRĒ House rolling papers are available in 1¼″ and King Size Slim sizes (hail to the King!), so you can plan a crafty quick-hitter or savor a marathon smoking session. These slow-burning rolling papers allow your flower to last longer, which means a more elevated THC experience for you!

Smokin’ Rolling Kits: Papers + Filters + Tray!

Get everything you need for your next smoking sesh in one convenient kit. Our primo rolling kits include 32 slow-burning papers, in your choice of 1¼″ or King Size Slim sizes (Ultra-Thin or Unbleached), plus 32 filter tips, and a built-in rolling tray. Roll in with a TRĒ House smoking kit and show your squad who’s boss!

Roll Ups With Filter Tips

Many cannabis connoisseurs prefer roll ups to conventional, loose rolling papers. Roll ups give you the flexibility of choosing the length of your smoke. And with a quality filter tip, you’ll get a smooth hit every time you use our roll-up papers. Get 50 filter tips with every 8 meter roll of chlorine-free, premium rolling paper.

Easy-Breezy Cones

Cones make packing a smoke easy like Sunday morning. Our cones come in a variety of sizes, from 52mm Shortys to standard 1¼″ cones to big boi King Size Slims. Just like our quality rolling papers, TRĒ House cones feature non-GMO, slow-burning paper—which means a smoother sesh for you and your peeps.

Rolling With Organic Hemp THC? Bring Premium Paper to the Party!

We do love our THC-heavy hemp in papers we can trust. With TREࠢ House rolling papers and cones, you get top-shelf smoking gear every time out. Our rolling papers contain no chlorine or GMOs and are completely vegan. These slow-burning papers are perfect for every smoking sesh. And if you prefer to pack your hemp flower into cones, we’ve got multiple size cones to choose from. So, your smoking experience can be exactly the way you like it.

So, next time out, don’t pack your pipes. Smoke your hemp with TRĒ House rolling papers or cones. We’ve got the smoking accessories and puff-puff-pass products you need to make your sessions blaze every time!

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