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Anyone who enjoys THC products (magic mushrooms, too!) knows that the munchies are a real thing. You get in the middle of a sesh and—bam!—suddenly, you can’t stop thinking about sweet candy, salty chips, or some other snack. Don’t start your next circle without bringing provisions. Add some candy, cookies, and chips to your next TREࠢ House order and crush those munchies!

What Are the Munchies?

Actually, the munchies have a scientific basis. (No, really!) THC and other cannabis compounds, called cannabinoids, interact with your endocannabinoid system. This system helps the body to regulate a number of its most important functions, including appetite. So, when you consume delta 9 THC (or delta 8, or any of those other delta darlings), you’re tickling that endocannabinoid system and throwing your appetite into a tizzy. In short, weed gives you the munchies. So, if anyone tries to shame you over killing that last bag of chips after your next smoke-out, now you can tell them to slow their roll. Science is on your side!

Sweet Munchies

Most of us have a sweet tooth. The weed munchies can activate that in a heartbeat. It’s okay, we got you. Just pass the Dutchie and grab some Skittles gummies, cookies from Oreo and Hershey, or a slew of sweet treats from Trolli! 

Salty Munchies

For some of us, nothing beats salty snacks to feed the beast after a long THC sesh. At TREࠢ House, we come in hot for salty treats with Lay’s Secret Blazin’ Hot Pot Chips! Makes sense, right? We’re all about blazin’ here at the House!

Crunchy Munchies

How satisfying is it to dig your teeth into a crunchy snack when you’re consumed by the munchies? If you crave that crunch, we’ve got you covered with spicy Lay’s potato chips and delectable cookies from Oreo and Hershey!

The Best Snacks for the Best THC & Shrooms

Whether you’re blazin’ with delta 8 prerolls, delta 9 vape pens, THCA gummies, or even a magic mushroom syrup, we’ve got all your munchie needs covered! And we only carry top brands, like Lay’s, Hershey, and Nabisco, so you know you’re getting top-shelf treats to complement your top-shelf dankery. So, make sure to add some snack treats to your next order and feed those munchies!

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