About Us

Mission Statement

TRĒ House is on a mission to create the best recreational delta products imaginable…
The finest ingredients, amazing flavors, and perfect cannabinoid combinations. You want quality, transparency, and effectiveness, and that’s exactly what we’re going to give you!

Would you rather puff on a vape that some bootleg brand bought “wholesale” behind a bowling alley or cheef on something that was crafted by a team of experts and rigorously tested in a third-party lab?

TRĒ House was founded by experts from the cannabis, CBD, and vape world when they saw the need for superior delta and other cannabinoid products that customers can trust.

We built this TRĒ House for everyone to play in, so let’s play!

Origin Story

Twas a so-so night on a weekday we can’t remember… Our fearless leaders were developing earth-shattering delta formulations and discussing the merit of their competitors when they came to the conclusion that everyone else pretty much sucked.

The number of bootleg backwood companies trying to push delta products was preposterous. No transparency, deplorable quality, and no style.

The companies that were somewhat reputable were only dipping their toes in; selling products that tasted bland and barely got you buzzed. Real lackluster stuff.

But, behold the glory of innovation and its grand birth from the ashes of those who suck…
Like a great cheeba Phoenix that would get the whole world lifted…
Behold the birth of TRĒ House!

Our brave leaders decided to use their unparalleled expertise and considerable resources to craft the perfect line of recreational delta products. I mean, seriously PERFECT…

Impeccable quality, transparent third-party lab reports, amazing flavors… And, thanks to the carefully selected combinations of cannabinoids, they get you baked like nobody’s business!

We’re talking about Delta 8 mixed with HHC and THC-P. Delta 9 mixed with Delta 10. Disposable vapes… delicious syrups… and gummies so good they’ll make you shake your tooshie…
Really impressive stuff.

The team was amazed. The public was in love. Some were in lust.
(please stop sending us those kinds of pictures).

Today, TRĒ House continues to enjoy its status as a mf legend and still offers the best hemp-derived delta products on the planet.


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