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Ready to get more hopped up than uncle Harley at a hoe-down? We’re about to rock your world baby! TRĒ House prerolls are so powerful that they make prison guards look like yoga moms. 

Our brilliant team carefully crafted these bad boys with the finest flower on this side of the galaxy. We also used strains that we know you’re going to love! Acapulco Gold is an absolute legend and Rainbow Runtz is one of those strains that pretty much broke the internet. It truly doesn’t get better than this.

We know that our beloved customers like different types of cannabinoids, so we took the two most popular cannabinoids on the planet and rolled them into the dankest prerolls imaginable. Whether you’re a screaming fan of Delta 8 or verifiably obsessed with HHC, we’ve got you covered.

Dying to know more about this dankness? Of course, you are! 

Let’s get into it…

Delta 8 Flower – Pre Roll

You’re probably used to seeing Delta 8 in gummies and vapes, but Delta 8 flower is definitely a thing. D8 flower is becoming popular because it offers something different from your traditional THC flower, it’s legal in a lot more places than THC, and frankly, it gets people so lifted that they can’t get enough.

If you love cheefing the normal ol’ ganj, then you’re going to fall in love with Delta 8 flower! This is a completely different buzz. Remember, each cannabinoid offers its own unique buzz, and by isolating Delta 8, we’ve been able to create a preroll that’s unlike anything else on the market. Ok, sure, there are other D8 prerolls out there, but none of them compare to a TRĒ House preroll! We use the finest flower available and make certain that it’s grown with the most natural, growing techniques possible.

Each of our Delta 8 Prerolls comes loaded with 1/2 gram of Delta 8 flower and there are 5 prerolls per pack.

Like getting lit? Spark one of these bad boys!

Rainbow Runtz Strain

Rainbow Runtz is one of the most sought-after Indica-dominant strains out there. This strain has won the hearts and minds of countless space cowboys. Why? There are a bunch of reasons…

In short, the Rainbow Runtz strain is immensely popular because it tastes great and gets you super faded. Rainbow Runtz is a combination of Rainbow Candy (Zkittlez x Do-Si-Dos) and Gelato. Frequently reported aromas are candy, citrus fruit, and ice cream. Sound delicious? That’s because it is! 

The Rainbow Runtz strain has won numerous awards including the 1st place prize for best hybrid flower in the High Times Medical Cup 2021. Obviously, this strain is DANK!

HHC Flower – Pre Roll

HHC flower is the business! HHC is one of the most popular alternative cannabinoids out there and now you get to enjoy this beauty in the form of an HHC preroll. We’re very excited about this one and know that there are going to be a lot of people getting cheefed out of their brains.

So, what is HHC flower? HHC flower is very similar to traditional THC flower, but has a slightly altered composition. HHC stands for “Hexahydrocannabinol”. This extremely potent cannabinoid is created by adding additional hydrogen molecules to THC and was first synthesized by Roger Adams in the 1940s.

Now, HHC is one of the most enjoyable cannabinoids out there and has a huge following of people who refuse to puff anything else. The buzz is fantastic, the flavor is incredible, and our HHC prerolls are made from one of the most popular strains of all time! 

Acapulco Gold

We told you our HHC prerolls were made with the good stuff! Acapulco Gold is impressively famous. The Acapulco Gold strain, like Mauie Wowie, is a household name with people who don’t even use cannabis products. A strain doesn’t become a legend for no reason, and with Acapulco Gold, there are a lot of reasons!

This has been touted as one of the most potent strains of all time, so you know it’s going to get you baked. It also tastes amazing. The most commonly reported aromas are candy, burnt toffee, and earthiness. The Acapulco Gold strain is truly a connoisseur’s delight! Grab yours today and get to cheefing!


Kief is sometimes referred to as “dust” or “chief”, but you should just call it “Kief” like a grown-up. This powerful cannabis product is basically a collection of loose cannabis trichomes. A good way to think of Kief is as “cannabis crystals”. Trichomes are the shiny little crystal-looking things on your ganj. We basically scrape all of those little devils off and roll them up into a preroll. Pretty impressive right?

Both our HHC and Delta 8 prerolls are LOADED with kief. This means you aren’t just puffing plant matter, you’re puffing high-quality ganj that has had a whole bunch of additional trichomes added to the mix. This enhancement makes our prerolls a force to reckon with. You probably only need a puff or two to be zonked out of your gourd, so take it easy at first! That being said, if you love Kief, our prerolls are about to be your new BFF.

What is a Preroll?

Ok, we know some of you are just getting started with cannabis and might not understand what a preroll is. No worries! That’s why we’re here, boo. 

A preroll is essentially just ganja that has been rolled into a J by someone else besides you. If ol’ Jimbo is sitting in a room with you, rolls a fatty, then hands it to you, that’s not a preroll. If Jimbo buys a fatty from TRĒ house that has been rolled by experts and contains precise measurements of cannabinoids and a detailed COA, then it is definitely considered a preroll. 

Remember, a preroll is a very high-quality joint rolled by and bought from professionals. Not a J that Jimbo twisted up after a 6-pack in your mom’s basement.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Safety third! Oh wait, safety first… yep, that’s the one! At TRĒ House, we’re 100% committed to bringing you the safest, most reliable cannabis products imaginable. All of our cannabis is grown by industry-leading experts, we provide detailed COAs for all of our products, and exceed all industry standards for excellence. If you want products from a brand you can trust, it truly doesn’t get better than TRĒ House!

Buy Prerolls Online With Tre House

At TRĒ House, we maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence. All of our prerolls are crafted with the utmost care to ensure that you get to enjoy the best flavor, the safest product, and a buzz that you simply can’t get with other products. We also think you’re smart, funny, and attractive. Care for a romantic stroll on the beach? 

Ready to treat yourself to the best preroll on the planet?

Grab your TRĒ House and let’s get lifted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Delta 8 flower is cannabis flower that contains Delta 8 THC instead of traditional THC. This means it provides a unique buzz that you just can’t get from regular flower. If you like getting baked on Delta 8 gummies or Delta 8 vapes, you’re going to love Delta 8 infused flower!

HHC flower is cannabis flower that contains HHC instead of THC. Hexahydrocanabinol is essentially THC with added hydrogen molecules. This simple addition changes the buzz you feel dramatically from that of THC. If you love getting baked and want to get ripped on something special, then HHC flower is the way to go!

A preroll is a joint that has been rolled by professionals and is way better than what you or your friends can do at home. Our prerolls are perfectly rolled, contain precise amounts of cannabinoids, and come with a detailed COA. Obviously, we blow your cousin Lebo’s joints out of the water.

Kief is like the holy grail of cannabis. Kief is made from the tiny crystals that form on cannabis called “trichomes”. Trichomes are what hold all of the dank cannabinoids you’ve come to know and love. We take these extremely potent crystals and roll them up into our preroll so you can get faded in ways you’ve only ever dreamed of.

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