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trehouse liveresin vs rosin blog banner copy Live Resin vs Rosin: Everything You Need to Know There are a whole bunch of different ways to get baked these days. In my day, we walked uphill both ways in the snow to buy a bag of swag, and we were happy to have it! Now you have “Delta this” and “live resin that”. Needless to say, it can be difficult to keep […] Learn More
TREhouse preroll blog post image What is a Preroll? Get Ready for The Best Keef You’ll Ever Cheef Getting baked is awesome, and when you want to get baked, it’s pretty hard to beat prerolls. Puffing fatties is a long-standing tradition in this fancy little community of ours and we’re excited to help take you and your crew to new heights! TRĒ House prerolls are officially a thing and we’re more than excited. […] Learn More
Live Resin guide blog header Live Resin: Your Complete Guide to Getting Super Baked Live resin is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to get baked and if you aren’t hip to this impressive extract, then you’re missing out big time! There are endless extraction methods these days and they all yield slightly different results. Some companies love to use ethanol for their extractions and other companies […] Learn More
THC Gummies Blog Header THC Gummies: Your Complete Guide to Chow Town Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how insanely popular THC gummies are. These handy little treats are a great way to get lifted and are a great alternative for people who aren’t into vaping. If you love getting ripped and want a convenient and delicious way to do so, there really it […] Learn More
THC Vape Pens THC Vape Pens: What Every User Needs to Know So, we all know that THC vape pens are one of the most popular ways to get ripped. Even if you stick to products like Delta 8 gummies or like to sip HHC Syrup, you undoubtedly know someone who vapes. You also clearly have an undeniable curiosity about THC vape pens, otherwise, you wouldn’t be […] Learn More

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