THC Vape Pens

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Looking for the best vape experience imaginable? Look no further. Our unique collection of premium vape pens is well-suited for any occasion. Whether you want to kick back with friends and puff some powerful Delta 9 or you need some HHC to flip your switch, we’ve got you covered! 

Our Hybrid Delta pens come packed with a heady combination of D8+D9+D10+THC-P that can get you lifted AF. Our HHC pens can get you plenty buzzed but, depending on how many puffs, have the advantage of keeping things so mellow that you can probably avoid getting busted at work. If your boss catches you vaping in the back room, you can be like “Chill, it’s HHC. I’m only getting cheefed enough to work. Hold this kitten”…

Each of our disposable vape pens is carefully crafted with the perfect blend of cannabinoids and exceeds all industry standards of excellence. They’re also unique in the fact that they’re chargeable for a long-lasting experience. Basically, we blow the other guys out of the water. Would you rather dine at a 5-star restaurant or choke down some gas station sushi? 5-star all day? That’s what we thought.

With flavors like Rainbow Sherbert and Lemon Slushie, you get to enjoy the perfect buzz and mouth-watering deliciousness all at the same time. That’s right.. Sweet Mary-Jane just got even sweeter.

Our cannabinoid combinations and flavors are undeniably awesome, but we also pay close attention to how we manufacture our hardware. It’s a tough world out there and we built these pens to be tougher than a $2 steak. Not only are they super durable, but our vape pen batteries are long-lasting, rechargeable, and provide you with upwards of 800+ puffs of glory. We also build these babies with ceramic coils so you get the cleanest, most satisfying hits possible. 

At TRĒ House, we’re committed to quality, ingenuity, and making the dopest pens on the block. 

If you like getting lifted, these babies are the crème de la crème! 

Different Types of THC Vapes

At TRĒ House, we utilize a variety of different cannabinoids to bring you a stoney experience unlike anything else. From Delta 8 to HHC, we have something for everyone! Don’t worry if you’re only hip to THC and CBD, in this brief overview we’ll teach you everything you need to know about our awesome THC vapes.

Delta 8 Vape

Many people consider Delta 8 vape pens to be the perfect middle-ground between CBD and THC. Looking to enjoy a mellow body+head buzz? D8 is the way to go. This psychoactive cannabinoid is an isomer of Delta-9 THC and is one of 113 cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa. Sound fancy? It just means that D8 is derived from THC. You know THC.. It’s what gets you lit when you smoke weed!

Delta 8 THC provides the perfect blend of body mellowness and head buzz. We want you to enjoy the sweetest experience imaginable, so we include 1250mg of premium Delta 8 in our hybrid vape pens. This gives you such a perfectly balanced lift that it’ll make you wonder where we’ve been all your life!

HHC Vape

HHC is one of our all-time favorite cannabinoids. Well.. semi-synthetic cannabinoid to be more precise. In 1944, American chemist Roger Adams created HHC for the first time by adding hydrogen molecules to Delta-9 THC. What inspired him to do this? We have no idea, but we love the guy. Smart cookie. (Mmm, THC cookies.) 

Many people lovingly refer to HHC as “THC-lite”. This is because HHC provides a mellow experience, depending on how many puffs you take. Don’t let that fool you though, our HHC pens will get you super ripped, it’s just a different experience than regular THC. If you get a little weird when you puff THC, you should definitely give HHC a try. 

Our HHC vape pens are in a league of their own. These babies are packed with 1900mg of pure HHC. Unlike our hybrid options, we don’t include any other cannabinoids in these pens. Instead, you get to enjoy an energetic buzz that only HHC can give you!

Delta 9 Vape

Delta 9 may sound like a foreign cannabinoid but if you’ve ever cheefed the ganj, you’ve already had your first Delta 9 THC experience. Most people refer to Delta 9 simply as “THC”. This is the cannabinoid in marijuana that gives you all the feels. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is arguably the most psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s like the king of all cannabinoids… The Neo.. The chosen. That’s why we include a hearty serving of Delta 9 in our hybrid THC vape pens!

Delta 9 THC exists in both Cannabis Indica (hemp) and Cannabis Sativa (AKA marijuana, mary-jane, el diablo verde). To keep things legal, all of the Delta 9 used in our THC vape pens is extracted from industrial-grade hemp. This means that you can puff without worrying about the cuff! Pretty clever, huh? 

 A lot of people say they feel a more powerful body buzz with Indica and a more prominent head-lift with Sativa. Whether you’re a Sativa lover or an Indica enthusiast, we have the perfect pen for you. Our hybrid pens are available in Indica, hybrid, and Sativa options. They also include 5mg of powerful Delta 9 THC so you can enjoy a super heady experience at a moment’s notice. Looking for a powerful Delta 9 THC vape pen? TRĒ House has your back!

THC-P Vape

When you vape, you want to feel it. And when you want to really feel it, there’s no better cannabinoid than THC-P! While many people are willing to debate that Delta-9 is the most psychoactive cannabinoid, we feel that if you’re looking for a particularly trippy buzz, THC-P is the way to go. 

THC-P is a synthetic cannabinoid that is a synthetic analog of THC that is widely believed to be up to 33 times stronger than regular ol’ THC. This means you can puff just a little and feel a whole lot If you like getting baked with just a puff or two, then you need to pick up one of our super impressive THC-P vape pens.

See you on the other side!

THC-A Vape

THC-A is the Clark Kent of cannabinoids. In its acidic form, this mild-mannered compound has no psychoactive punch. But if you activate it with heat, THC-A throws on a cape and kicks serious booty! That’s because it coverts to straight-up THC!

Our Live Resin Liquid Budder THC-A Vape Pens deliver two grams of THC-A, plus three complementary cannabinoids: delta 8, delta 9, and THC-P! The result is a super-powered flight through the cosmos!

Live Resin

Most of our THC vape pens are made with distillate, but we also make some insanely high-quality live resin! Live Resin offers a slightly more mellow buzz than distillate, which is perfect for the space cadet on the go. Our Live Resin Vape Pens are disposable, packed with 2 grams of premium cannabinoids, and super convenient. Whether you’re looking for HHC live resin or THC-P live resin, We’ve got you covered!

Not only do we offer an array of different cannabinoids to choose from, but we also have the tastiest live resin vape pen flavors on the planet. If you’re on the hunt for something sweet and creamy, our Ice Cream Cake live resin pen is going to blow your mind! Want to treat yourself to the taste of classic cannabis? No problemo! Pick up our Super Lemon Haze Delta 8 Live Resin Disposable and get ready to for the ride of a lifetime. Basically, our Live Resin disposable vapes are the creme de la creme. The finest live resin pens in the galaxy and maybe the entire universe (we’re still exploring).

Do yourself a solid and pick up one of these bad boys today!

Live Rosin

One of our most popular vape options is our Live Rosin vape pens. Just like our other pens, these babies offer 800+ puffs of dankness, are rechargeable, and are conveniently disposable. What sets them apart is the inclusion of live rosin. We carefully craft our live rosin to bring you the full flavor and full potency of cannabis. By flash-freezing high-quality hemp immediately after harvest, we’re able to trap in all of the delicious terpenes and prevent the degradation of our beloved psychoactive cannabinoids. This means you get super baked while enjoying a full, extremely flavorful terpene profile.

If increased potency and flavor weren’t enough for you, we also utilize an array of different cannabinoids that allow you to feel a unique buzz that you simply can’t find anywhere else. In our live rosin pens, you’ll find a mind-melting combination of Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, HHC, and THC-P. Basically, you’re going to get baked in ways you could only ever dream of until now.

Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds are the hottest thing to hit the cannabis market since vape pens. Liquid Diamonds are extremely potent little diamonds made out of THC. Don’t start thinking of breaking your pen open to cash in on the diamonds, these aren’t the kind of diamonds you wear on your finger. These are the kinds of diamonds that get you baked out of your gourd. Liquid Diamonds are the purest form of cannabis extract on the market and we have 5 glorious pens that are packed full of them.

When you want to blast off to a different dimension, there’s no better choice than our Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds vapes!

Disposable THC Vape Pens

At TRĒ House, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the innovative nature of our formulations. TRĒ House 2g hybrid vape pens are crafted with a carefully selected combination of cannabinoids that offer a truly unique experience. These are by no means your average THC vape pens. Our premium THC pens are packed with 1250mg of Delta 8, 5mg of Delta 9, 500mg of Delta 10, and a hearty helping of THC-P. 

What does that mean for you?

This unique blend of cannabinoids provides users with a perfectly balanced buzz. Each compound in these vapes has a specific purpose – Delta 8 THC for the body, Delta 9 THC for the mind, Delta 10 THC for euphoria, and a dash of THC-P to make your experience a little more trippy. We also craft these pens with the finest vape components possible. Our ceramic coils offer clean, smooth hits every time and long-lasting batteries offer 800+ puffs per pen due to the rechargeability of the battery. 

Our hybrid vapes are powerful, delicious, and easy to use. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just getting started, you’ll quickly recognize that TRĒ House vapes are on a whole new level!

If you’re a purist who’s on the hunt for something other than a hybrid THC vape, then our HHC vape pens are going to blow your mind!

There is a time and place for everything. Sometimes you want to stay at home and get soaring like a kite. Sometimes you have to go to work and get things done. When you need something a little different from the traditional THC buzz, our 2g HHC pens are the way to go. These babies can get you super lit, but most people say that one puff leaves them clear-headed and able to work!.

TRĒ House HHC pens were designed with the cannabis-loving-go-getter in mind. We don’t want you to deal with any unwanted sleepiness. You’ve gotta get that grind on! That’s why we crafted these pens with a whopping 1900mg of premium HHC and no other cannabinoids. 

Just like our hybrid vape pens, our HHC vape pens have ceramic coils and offer 800+ puffs. Skip the stress of messy mod refills and the pens that leave you stranded and vape-less. These pens are rechargeable, perfectly mild, don’t require any maintenance, and arrive 100% ready to go.

Shop THC Vape Pens in a Variety of Flavors

When you shop THC vape pens at TRĒ House, you’ll find we have our flavor profiles down to a science! We love the bold taste of cannabis and modeled each of our THC vape flavors to bring you the flavor and feel of classic strains. 

One of the things that make our flavors stand out is that they provide the distinct flavors of your favorite strains with a little twist! Whether it’s the subtle taste of citrus with our Lemon Jack disposable, the sweet & creamy taste of Wedding Cake indica, or the fruity flavonoids of our Rainbow Sherbert pen, these babies are bound to leave you smiling!

Choose between 3 THC strains and flavors:

Just like our delicious THC vape flavors, our HHC pens bring you the best that cannabis has to offer. Each of these super-potent pens embraces the rich, natural taste of cannabis and provides you with a subtle twist of sweetness. To say that these invigorate your taste buds would be an understatement! These flavors are going to make your taste buds boogie down with joy!

2 HHC Flavors and Strains to Choose From:

2 Live Resin Strains and Flavors

Our Live Resin pens are a force to be reckoned with. These babies are available in a variety of strains and flavors, and get you lit beyond belief. If you’re looking for a full-flavored vape that contains unique cannabinoid blends and has an extended use time, these pans are an excellent option!

3 Live Rosin Strains and Flavors

We make 5 incredible live rosin pens, but these should get you started! Our live rosin vape pens contain a unique blend of cannabinoids including Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, HHC, and THC-P. We also flash freeze our hemp immediately after harvesting so we can ensure that you get to enjoy a full, flavorful terpene profile, and some of the most potent cannabinoids to ever tickle your brain. When it’s time to get super baked, it’s time for a Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds vape pen!

Can we get lifted now?

Order your TRĒ House and LFG!

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to safety, TRĒ House THC vape pens are next-level. The safest type of vape pen for THC is one with automatic safety features. Our vape pens can only be activated by applying suction to the mouthpiece. This means that the device only powers on automatically when you’re puffing, and not in your pocket.

Because everyone takes different size hits from their vape pen, there is no way to say with 100% certainty how many mg of THC is going to be in each puff. Fortunately, we can do a simple estimation that will help you understand what you can expect in general

2 grams per pen divided by 800 puffs per pen = 0.4 mg of THC in one hit of a vape pen.

The easiest way to decarb a THC cartridge is to allow your device to heat up the oil and to the appropriate temperature and take a hard hit. This should help clear things up! Luckily, if you’re using a TRĒ House THC vape, you don’t need to worry about any decarb issues!

There are some fairly strong vape cartridges out there, but even the best can’t keep up with our THC vape pens. Vape carts hold 1-1.25 grams of THC. Our powerhouse THC pens offer 2 grams of seriously potent cannabinoids.

To bring a THC vape cartridge on the plane, you should separate the battery from the cartridge, and pack the batteries in a different bag. Most airlines don’t want you flying with lithium batteries.

Live Resin is a cannabis concentrate that is extracted from either hemp or marijuana and used primarily for recreational purposes. Live Resin (45-50% THC content) is often considered slightly more mellow than distillate (85-90% THC content). If you’re on the hunt for a perfectly mellow buzz, Live Resin is the way to go!

TRĒ House THC vapes are designed for convenience and meet TSA requirements for travel. TRĒ House THC vape pens contain a battery cell that is 1.036Wh and does not exceed the 100Wh requirement of the TSA. This battery contains 0.084g of lithium, which does not exceed the >2g of lithium TSA requirement.

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