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Welcome to the wonderful world of THC carts! Whether you’re interested in having a trippy THC-P experience or you want chill with some HHC, TRĒ House has you covered! All of our carts are crafted with the best ingredients, taste like classic cannabis, and get you ripped AF. If you’re interested in treating yourself to a truly premium THC cart, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Discover the THC Cart of Your Dreams

There are a whole bunch of THC carts out there, but none of them compare to what TRĒ House has lined up for you. Our carts utilize carefully selected cannabinoids to help you experience a buzz that’s unlike anything else. Sure, getting baked with traditional THC is great, but unique and interesting cannabinoids like THC-P and HHC take getting ripped to the next level.

THC-P, HHC, and Delta 8, are all cannabinoids made from isolated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). First, the THC is extracted from our top-tier cannabis plants. Then it is isolated through multiple distillations and carefully altered by highly qualified experts. This allows compounds like HHC and THC-P to get you buzzed in a way that traditional THC could only dream of!

So, what is HHC? What is THC-P? Is delta 8 a type of THC? Well, let’s take a closer look at each of these. HHC Carts provide you with a hearty serving of Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). This compound might sound new and foreign to you, but it’s actually quite simple. Though creating HHC requires a serious lab and an experienced team, the general principle is fairly simple. HHC is simply THC with additional hydrogen molecules. 

THC-P is similar to HHC in that it’s a synthesized form of THC. This compound doesn’t have additional hydrogen molecules that HHC does. Instead, THC-P carts are created through a slightly more complicated process that we’ll leave to the scientists. We know that THC-P is an especially trippy compound and love it like it was our first-born weed baby.

THC-P Carts

If you like THC-P, then you’re going to love TRE House THC-P carts! These babies are packed with a powerful 1g serving of THC-P that’s going to rock your world. If you’re looking for an especially trippy experience, our THC-P cart is a fantastic option.

Getting ripped is great, but it’s also super important that the product tastes good. You know that feeling when you eat something so tasty that you don’t want to put anything in your mouth afterward because you prefer to sit and savor what you just tasted? Well, our THC-P carts are so tasty, that you won’t want to taint your tastebuds with anything else!

We absolutely love the taste of classic cannabis strains. That skunky aroma, the rich, natural taste… What’s not to love? One of our all-time favorite strains is White Widow. This tasty cannabis strain has been around for as long as anyone can remember (which admittedly isn’t saying much). It’s a particularly tangy strain that is as potent as they come. If you wanted to get ripped in the 90s, you were probably cheefing white widow.

Looking to get ripped with a premium THC-P cart? Pick up your TRE House and get to puffing!

HHC Carts

When you want to get baked in a unique, relaxing way, Our HHC carts are going to be your new best friend. These babies are packed with premium Hexahydrocannabinol live resin, taste like the best cannabis you’ve ever had, and last an impressively long time. You can puff this cart until the cows come home and still have plenty in the kitty! (yeehaw)

There’s a whole lot to love about TRE House HHC carts, and one of the many things that make them stand out is our use of Live Resin. This is one of the purest forms for HHC and allows us to pack an impressively potent serving of HHC in each cart. With 1 full gram of high-grade HHC, this cart is going to take you to another planet!

Like our THC-P cart, our HHC cart brings you the flavor of one of the most popular cannabis strains of all time. Grape Ape has been a fan-favorite since the beginning and still boasts an insane level of popularity. Maybe it’s the sweet grape-like taste, maybe it’s the delicious skunky goodness, but whatever it is, people can’t get enough!

If you love tasty flavors and getting lit with HHC, there’s no better choice than TRE House HHC carts!

Delta 8 Carts

Delta 8 is the bee’s knees! It’s potent, relaxing, and gives you a buzz that’s similar to THC, but very much its own thing. At TRE House, we love Delta 8 and we’re super excited to announce that our Delta 8 carts are here to and ready for the puffing!

We crafted these super potent carts with the finest Live Resin Delta 8 THC on the planet. If you’re looking to get lit on premium D8, there’s no better choice. Not only are these carts super powerful, but they also taste amazing! We’ve created some of our finest flavor profiles yet and are super excited for you to give them a try. Do yourself a favor and pick up some of our long-lasting, insanely potent, unbelievably tasty Delta 8 carts today.

Get ready to blast off, because these babies are fire!

Live Resin Carts

Looking for insanely potent carts? Then you need to check out our super potent selection of live resin carts. These babies are packed with carefully curated selections of cannabinoids, are packed with 3 grams of live resin extract, and taste so good it makes your favorite meal seem like a stale wafer. Seriously, get ready to take your taste buds on a trip! You can choose from sweet, creamy flavors like Ice Cream Cake, indulge in the fruity side of things with a burst of berry flavor from our Grape Ape live resin cart, or embrace the taste of classic cannabis with our White Widow live resin cart.

Along with incredible flavor profiles and dank cannabinoids, these carts are made with the finest components. From high-grade steel to universally compatible 510 threading, our carts have all the qualities you could possibly desire in a THC cart. Looking for a cart that’s compatible with just about any 510-threaded device on the planet, we have you covered!

If you’re interested in taking your THC cart game to new heights, we highly recommend checking out our impressive collection of Live Resin carts!

Shop THC Carts at TRĒ House

One of our favorite things to do is puff on a delicious weed cart. Yes, things have changed and there are so many different forms of THC that someone calling these devices “carts weed” or “weed carts” is fairly inaccurate. Are they referring to Delta 8, THC-P, HHC, or just a blend of everything? Whether you call them THC carts or carts weed doesn’t matter. Either way, we know you want to get ripped, so carts weed for all!

Our carts were specially designed to bring you the best that cannabis has to offer. From unique cannabinoids to incredible flavor profiles, TRE House carts have it all!

You work hard, so make sure you play hard too! 

Shop delta 8 carts at TRĒ House and treat yourself to the premium experience you deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Delta 8 carts are generally regarded as safe. That being said, everyone reacts differently to THC. If you’re concerned about the safety of Delta 8 carts, we recommend that you seek advice from your primary physician.

Drug dogs are crafty little devils. They have insanely powerful noses and can smell a bag of coke in your butt. Yes, drug dogs can probably smell Delta 8 carts. We don’t recommend hanging out around drug dogs with a Delta 8 cart, nor do we recommend carrying your D8 cart anywhere this might be an issue.

Carts are a super awesome, super easy way to enjoy the recreational benefits of cannabis. These products are easy to use, have powerful effects, and provide you with hearty puffs of potent vapor. One of the many things people love about carts is that they get to enjoy puffing cannabinoids without having to deal with any harsh smoke.

Yes, THC carts do expire eventually. Fortunately, we mark all of our carts with an expiration date so you don’t have to deal with any unpleasant surprises.

Typically a 1g cart will have anywhere from 100mg to 500mg of THC. This varies greatly between brands and products. All TRE House carts come with a detailed COA that tells you exactly how many mg of cannabinoids is in each cart.

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