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Delta 9 THC + CBD Gummies - Peach Pear
5 out of 5


The Delta 9+ CBD gummies are phenomenal!
Really can’t put into words how impressed I am.
The fine folks at Tre’ House have crafted an absolutely amazing product. Keep up the great work.
Repeat customer for sure.

trehouse photo render syrup berry v aug   ()
5 out of 5


This is probably one of the strongest 100% LEGAL delta 9 syrup ive had. Wont be disappointed for sure but use caution and take baby steps cuz this is POTENT

Delta 9 THC + CBD Gummies - Peach Pear
5 out of 5


I have had all of the gummies and they are amazing! I train jiu-jitsu so i put my body through it on top of being in my fortys. Theses take away my aches and pains and give a calm balanced high.

Delta 9 THC + CBD Gummies - Peach Pear
5 out of 5


These gummies give you a great high and they were delicious I had to stop myself from snacking on more.

5 out of 5


First, this chocolate chip cookie tastes like a really tasty thick, chewy, soft chocolate chip cookie. With a nice buzz/nap added (depending on the bite size). I’d for sure buy a bag/box! Thanks.

trehouse photo render syrup watermelon fp feb
5 out of 5


I had my wisdom teeth removed and couldn’t smoke after so I ran to my smoke shop and picked this up after the procedure. I just wanna say, this worked very well! I had extreme discomfort, and this product relieved that discomfort without having to take any painkillers. (other than a little ibuprofen)

trehouse photo render syrup watermelon fp feb
5 out of 5


This stuff is awesome. You can take a little bit to feel balanced or you can chug it and go on a little vacation for a bit. I’ll never be without it. 🤘🏼

5 out of 5


The cookie was real tasty. Took awhile to kick in, but when it did 😂 ✈️ 🛌

trehouse photo render syrup berry v aug   ()
5 out of 5


Taste is so good, love adding some to a diet cola at night to enjoy versus alcohol. Love it!

trehouse photo render syrup berry v aug   ()
5 out of 5


I live in a legal state and this syrup is still the best edible option for the price I’ve been able to find. SO glad I found it. New staple for me, mixes well in a seltzer water with a bit of Mio.

5 out of 5


I’ve been trying gummies since they started being sold. Some are sad, some are bad, some okay, and yours are stupendous! Taste, effect, length of effect. Yum! I have to thank my niece for turning me on to you. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

trehouse, vape pens
5 out of 5


This is a great daytime microdosing pen that gives you a nice calm but uplifting euphoria that allows you to focus on daily tasks.


Delta 9 Gummies

Welcome to the finest collection of Delta 9 gummies on the planet! At TRĒ House, we’re committed to getting you lifted in the best way imaginable. All of our D9 products are crafted with unique combinations of cannabinoids, incredible flavor profiles, and an unparalleled level of quality.

It’s kinda like you’ve been driving a hooptie your whole life and all of a sudden you’re rolling in a Lambo. Sweet upgrade right?

TRĒ House was founded by a team of experts that have been in the cannabis game longer than we care to admit. Our products are crafted to absolute perfection and we refuse to settle for less. We make the best D9 vapes, perfectly chewy gummies, and cookies so good you’ll wonder why people eat anything else. (You still have to eat other stuff)

We could go on all day about how amazing our Delta 9 is, but we’d rather get up close and personal. In this collection overview, we’ll introduce you to each of our awesome D9 products, tell you what makes them so great, and even discuss what you might expect to experience when using them.

Whether you’re a budding space cadet or a full-on space cowboy, you’re going to love what we have lined up for you! THC gummies are one of our favorite things ever. The chewy goodness combined with fruit flavors really does it for us. Then tack on the fact that our gummies will help you blast off, and we don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be your favorite food as well. Ok, they aren’t really food, they are definitely more of a recreational indulgence, but you get the idea.

If you want to see how awesome our gummies are, head over to our collection page and get ready to get stoked!

Delta 9 Vapes

When it comes to puffing THC, it doesn’t get better than TRĒ House Delta 9 vapes. Our vapes offer the perfect balance of potency, convenience, and long life. Each of our powerful pens contains a unique blend of cannabinoids including Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, and THC-P. This combo is both completely unique and sure to help you blast off to the moon. Why get baked on one form of THC when you can puff a boutique blend of potent psychotropic cannabinoids?

If you’re looking for some truly premium THC vapes, you should definitely give these babies a try!

Delta 9 Carts

Delta 9 vape cartridges are the business, and at TRĒ House, we’re proud to say we make the best! Our Delta 9 carts are packed with unique cannabinoid blends that get you more shwifty than a cat on catnip. Not only do our d9 carts get you super baked, but they also taste incredible! If you’re a fan of classic cannabis strains with a fruity twist, then you definitely don’t want to miss our Rainbow Sherbert Delta 9 cart. This impressive little devil provides you with the sweet, creamy taste of rainbow sherbert combined with fresh, dank cannabinoids.

It doesn’t get better than Delta 9 carts from TRĒ House!

Delta 9 Edibles

TRĒ House makes the best Delta 9 edibles on Earth. There is an art to crafting edibles. You need to understand cannabinoids, how they’re affected when baked into edibles, and how to make incredibly tasty goodies. There are some pretty good edibles out there, but none of them compare to what TRĒ House has lined up for you. From delicious THC cookies to incredible gummies, we have it all!

Our edibles taste amazing, are made with the best ingredients available, and get you lit like nobody’s business! Dying to know more? Go check them out!

Delta 9 Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds

We love all Delta 9, but Delta 9 live rosin is one of our favorite extracts of all time! We craft our Delta 9 live rosin from top-quality hemp by flash-freezing the plant immediately after harvest and keeping it frozen throughout the duration of the extraction process. This traps in all of the tasty terpenes and reduces the degradation of psychotropic compounds, resulting in a super powerful, super tasty extract.

We’ve included live rosin Delta 9 in our Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds vape pens so you can enjoy in the same amazing experience that we’ve come to love. These impressive pens are available in a plethora of different flavors and allow you to taste cannabis in ways you’ve only ever dreamed of. If you want to take your Delta 9 experience to new heights, these pens are an excellent choice.

What is Delta 9 THC?

The cannabis industry is booming and there is a lot of new terminology being tossed around. We know this can get confusing and we want you to have a clear understanding.

Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol might sound like a new and exciting cannabinoid, but if you’ve ever eaten weed edibles or puffed a j, you’ve already had your first D9 experience. Most people refer to Delta 9 as “THC”. It is no different than the THC you’re used to, people just started calling it something different (Delta 9).

Delta-9 THC is one of 113 cannabinoids produced in cannabis plants. This compound exists in both cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Delta-9 is often referred to simply as “THC”. We thought that this was because THC is easier to say but maybe it has something to do with a change in aesthetics and vernacular because nowadays, more and more people are calling it Delta 9 or D9.

Though D9 is produced by both cannabis sativa and cannabis indica, many manufacturers prefer which plant they like to use. This largely depends on the state regulations regarding cannabis cultivation. Some states allow plants to be grown with higher THC content and some states require that the plant contain 0.3% THC or less.

No worries. Those small amounts of THC can still be extracted and concentrated into highly potent products, it just requires the manufacturer to have more plant matter on hand.

Delta 9 vs Delta 8

There are a bunch of different cannabinoids that are rapidly becoming popular and we know it can be a bit tricky to keep up with all of them. If you’re confused about the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9, then we are gonna hook you up with some clarity.

Delta 8 and Delta 9 are both naturally occurring cannabinoids. They are both highly psychoactive and are both classified as types of THC. So what’s the difference?

There are two primary differences between Delta 8 and Delta 9; they occur at different points on the same molecular chain (THC), and D8 tends to be a bit milder than D9. Don’t let that last part confuse you though. Even though D8 often has a milder buzz, you can take higher concentrations of it and feel a unique bake that is reminiscent of D9, but distinctly different.

Shop Delta 9 Products at TRĒ House

Delta 9 is arguably the most famous cannabinoid of all time. This compound has been getting people lifted for centuries, and though technology has advanced and most of us prefer to ditch the smoke and cheef on vapes, we’re still puffing the same compound.

Things have changed since the days of picking up a dub from your shady neighbor. Now, quality is king and science has a huge role in getting you lifted. At TRĒ House, we’ve embraced all the changes in the cannabis industry and have developed a line of D9 products that is nothing less than revolutionary.

TRĒ House products use thoughtfully selected combinations of cannabinoids that provide you with a totally unique buzz. This is in no way your average THC experience. We balance our cannabinoid blends to get you baked in ways you could have only dreamed of until now. So, when you shop delta 9, always ride with TRĒ House!

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, yes, Delta 8 and Delta 9 have the potential to show up on the same drug test. Both Delta 8 and Delta 9 are forms of THC and certainly have the potential to show up on a drug test. Most Marijuana drug tests were designed specifically to test for the presence of THC in your body. They are not typically able to distinguish between different types of THC. If you’re concerned about taking a drug test, we highly recommend seeking advice from your primary physician before using THC products.

Like Delta 9 THC, CBD and CBN are both naturally occurring cannabinoids. For our purposes, the primary difference between CBN, CBD, and Delta 9 is that Delta 9 is psychotropic but CBD and CBN are not. If you’re interested in getting baked, CBD and CBN aren’t going to do it. Delta 9 will definitely get you ripped.

Delta 9 gummies are typically regarded as safe on their own. Most people can eat Delta 9 gummies without worrying about any physical repercussions. That being said, everyone is different. If you’re concerned about the safety of Delta 9 gummies, you should consult your primary physician for advice. DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY WHEN USING DELTA 9.

Delta 9 THC is known for its wellness benefits. This compound is primarily used for recreational purposes. So, one could argue that the main benefit of Delta 9 is that it gets you ripped AF!

Delta 9 gummies are legal in much of the U.S, but laws vary from state to state. Make sure to check local laws and regulations before ordering any Delta 9 products.

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