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Apple Tart Microdose Magic Mushroom Vape Pen

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$54.99 / each

1-7 Puffs
Subtle microdose
8-14 Puffs
“Hey, I can see my house from here!”
15+ Puffs
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“The clouds taste like Goji Berries”
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  • 2g of magic mushroom vape juice per pen
  • Proprietary mushroom blend
  • Perfect for microdosing
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Tastes like a sugar-sweet, oven-baked apple tart
  • Approximately 800 puffs per pen
  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effects


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Not intended for use by those under the age of 21.

With a delicious baked-apple flavor, our Apple Tart Magic Mushroom Vape Pen tangoes with the tastebuds before elevating the mind well out of Earth’s orbit, turning you into quite the baked apple yourself. One to three puffs is perfect for a mild mushroom mambo. Five to nine puffs, and you’re on a field trip to see the International Space Station. Ten or more puffs and you’re aboard the first hot air balloon to ever break the sound barrier, bound for the galaxy next door. 

Not an apple tart fan? Don’t worry, we won’t tell Johnny Appleseed. Here are three other triptastic magic mushroom vape pens from our collection of magic mushroom products: Blue Jello Magic Mushroom Vape Pen, Mango Smoothie Magic Mushroom Vape Pen, and Pink Lemonade Magic Mushroom Vape Pen.

60-Day Guarantee
Made in USA
Verified Potency
2018 Farm Bill Compliant
Munchies Guaranteed

Apple Tart Microdose Mushroom Vape

Apple Tart Microdose Magic Mushroom Vape—just the name may make you wonder, “How do you make an ‘apple tart mushroom vape pen’ not taste like, well, mushrooms?” Just like grandma perfecting her blue-ribbon apple tart, the mad scientists at TRĒ House have toiled over this pen’s flavor, perfecting it and then perfecting it again, creating a vape that’s decadent, divine, and borderline irresistible. 

This disposable vape pen utilizes a unique formula of all-natural ingredients, like adaptogens, nootropics, and a proprietary blend of mushroom extracts, to allow you to microdose the funkied feels of our magic mushroom products in a cloud of apple-flavored euphoria.


  • Head Buzz
  • Euphoria
  • Cerebral Effects
  • Mind-Melting Fun
  • Great for Microdosing

THC Vapes vs. Mushroom Vapes

If you’re a ride-or-die THC tribalist, hey, we get it. Our THC vapes and HHC vapes are pretty damn near perfect. But so are these wonderfully mind-melting mushroom vapes. We’ve designed these pens to complement your stash of bonafide beauties, letting you enjoy a different style of unique euphoric effects. But how do the effects of our magic mushroom pens compare to the effects of our traditional THC and HHC vapes?

Effects from both types of vapes are fast-acting, launching your mind to lunar plains in a matter of minutes—if not seconds. Both get you where you need to go fast. But how you feel along this journey is different. Many adults who’ve tried our magic mushroom products say the effects are more of a head buzz, compared to the velvety body lock you sometimes get with THC.

But that’s just what a few of our fans have reported. Just like with THC vapes, what you feel may be unique. So, go into this mushroom-based experience with an open mind and prepare to meet the aliens up close!

Directions for Best Results:

If it’s your first time with a magic mushroom vape, or any psychoactive vape, you might need a little walkthrough before doing a cannonball down the rabbit hole. Like our THC vapes, our mushroom pens come pre-filled and pre-charged, so you don’t have to worry about refilling or reordering pods. All you need is right there in the palm of your hand!

Before your first puff, look around. Are you in an environment conducive to a happy-feel frolic through the mystical mushroom kingdom? We suggest popping your feet up on the couch with a nature documentary whispering in the background—or venturing out into nature, yourself. 

Once you’re settled in, take a little puff off the mushroom vape’s mouthpiece; keep it small, so you can get your bearings on the effects. You’ll taste the apple-tart flavors (delicious, right?) and feel the euphoric effects set in quickly. Once you have an idea of the effects, feel free to take stronger puffs. Now, it’s time to take that dive down the rabbit hole!

Perfect for You If:

This magic mushroom vape is perfect if you want a quick onset of psychoactive effects. Plus, like with other potent vapes, these fun-loving effects can generally last for 30 minutes to two hours. So, you don’t have to spend all day on Mars. You can take some puffs, explore the Universe, and glide out of the rabbit hole, back to your couch in no time. 

Now, if you want longer-lasting effects, say no more! Check out our Magic Mushroom Gummies and Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars!

Warning: This mushroom vape pen may cause psychotropic effects. This product is not intended for use by those under the age of 21. Do not drive or operate any heavy machinery when using any TRĒ House products!

The ingredients in this product affect everyone in different ways, so it is essential that you consult your primary physician before using any TRĒ House products.

  • Do not use this product unless recommended by your doctor
  • Do not use more of this product than recommended by your doctor
  • Do not use this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or under 21 years of age
  • Do not use this product if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions
  • 2g of highly potent magic mushroom microdose vape juice per pen

Our magic mushroom vapes are disposable personal vape devices that carry fruit-flavored, potent vape juice. This vape juice uses adaptogens, nootropics, and a proprietary blend of mushroom extracts to potentially create psychotropic effects. Our mushroom vapes come in four delicious, mouth-watering flavors: Apple Tart, Blue Jello, Mango Smoothie, and Pink Lemonade.

Well, you sure are adventurous, gotta give you that. There are over 14,000 species of mushrooms, some toxic (even deadly!), some euphoric, some nootropic, and some perfect in a butter sauce. If you aren’t a mycological expert (mushroom scientist), you won’t be able to tell all these mushrooms apart. So, instead of foraging for trouble, trust the expert at TRĒ House. We’re the mushroom maestros.

No, these products do not contain psilocybin or psilocybin mushrooms. Nor do they contain amanita muscaria mushrooms or amanita muscaria mushroom extract.

Our mushroom vapes come pre-charged and pre-filled, ready to enjoy right out of the box. If it’s your first time enjoying one of our magic mushroom products, take a small puff to get an idea of the effects. Once you’ve got your sea legs, take one to three puffs for a mild dose, four to nine for a moderate one, and ten or more for a heavy, fun-filled mushroom ride!

No, our mushroom gummies don’t contain any hemp-derived cannabinoids, like CBD or THC.

With a 580mAh battery, our pens are built to last!

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Rated 5.0 out of 5

36 Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
Jack B. Verified Buyer
First Time Buyer

Great taste, smooth. Bought to try micredosing for the first time. Loved the product and will gladly buy more!

Rated 5 out of 5
Dirk B. Verified Buyer
Apple tart

like every other product from tre house this tastes amazing! vaping this wakes me up unlike cbd or THC so it’s a nice change. similar to a low dose of adderall . makes everything seem likes it’s in HD lol. Tre house is the BEST!

Rated 5 out of 5
Tyler C. Verified Buyer
Good product

I am from the old school where we would get an eighth off caps and stems at a time or get a homemade chocolate with an eighth of the same and just eat it all and enjoy. The microdose experience is new and this product is my first but I'm very happy with what you guys have come up with. Good work.

Rated 5 out of 5
Joe L. Verified Buyer
Great vape

Never had a mushroom vape before so was a little hesitant to try but I'm glad I did.
the vape taste great, no mushroom taste to it hits smooth and has a great taste. A few puffs and your set to enjoy the ride.
I started w four puffs and things were just how I wanted em, great head buzz under control w some slight visuals. I do recommend especially if you like me can't stand the taste of mushrooms.
Great stuff.

Rated 5 out of 5
Debra B. Verified Buyer
Wonderful taste and nice smooth

Wonderful taste and nice smooth high for first time using. Loved it.

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