Buzzed Beverages: Buzz-Worthy THC Drinks & Mushroom Mocktails!

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With their splashes of THC or magic mushroom syrups, buzzed beverages let you indulge in all the funkied feels of a Friday night, without the pounding, painful confusion of a Saturday morning hangover. Yes, my fellow Cosmo-nauts and espresso martini Martians, buzzed beverages are hangover-free!

In the past few years, young adults have woken up (albeit tired, dehydrated, and late for brunch) to the horrors of alcohol. Once a staple in the party scene, alcoholic drinks have fallen off—big time. No one wants to spend a couple days recovering from a few drinks. We all got sh*t to do, like, you know, like, like really important business sh*t to attend to. That’s why we’re replacing alcohol with two notable newcomers: THC and magic mushroom syrups

Added to your favorite smoothie or mocktail, these psychotropic syrups are borderline divine, letting you enjoy an elevated ride through the cosmos. Now, we know what you’re thinking: how do you make a buzzed beverage? How long until effects set in? How long do they last? And are they really (you pinky-swear?) hangover-free?

In this article, we’ll dive into all those questions and more. But first, we need to introduce you to our lineup of syrups, each packed with strong psychoactive feels and delicious, fresh ’n’ fruity flavors!

What Are Psychoactive Syrups: A Buzzy Alternative to Alcohol

THC and magic mushrooms syrups—the name may trigger some alarm bells in your noggin. Are these, like, syrups you smother on a stack of pancakes and waffles? The “official” answer is no (but this is a free country; put whatever you want on your waffles, champ). THC and magic mushroom syrups mix effortlessly into your fave beverage, infusing it with potent sips of euphoria. We’ve formulated these syrups with the same ingredients as our other THC and magic mushroom edibles, letting you enjoy the same euphoric effects—just a little differently. 

THC syrups are made with a premium hemp extract—one that’s teeming with potent levels of delta 8, delta 9, and HHC. These cannabinoids create a swirl of good vibes that put you on the Moon (and leave alcohol in the dust). Plus, our THC syrups use all-natural ingredients to create delicious, concentrated flavors, so you can enjoy sweet sips, unlike alcohol’s bitter, throat burn.

On the other hand, magic mushroom syrups use the same proprietary blend of mushroom extracts found in our magic mushroom chocolate bars and gummies. This proprietary blend helps create strong psychoactive effects that wrap your brain in a warm blanket of black ’n’ white TV fuzz. 

Drum roll, please. 

It’s time to meet our selection of THC and magic mushroom syrups!

Galaxy Grape Magic Mushroom Syrup

Bursting with tongue-smothering flavors, our Galaxy Grape Magic Mushroom Syrup lets you imbue any beverage with gushing grape flavors. This syrup is highly potent, so first-timers should stick to a standard dose.

Grape Slushie Recipe: Pour a couple servings of Galaxy Grape (1 serving = 1 capful) into a blender with frozen grapes, grape juice, honey, and blueberries. Blend until you get a smooth, grape-licious slushie!

Bussin’ Berry Delta 9+ Syrup

With 1000mg of THC per bottle, our Bussin’ Berry Delta 9+ Syrup is potent. This syrup uses a formulated mixture of delta 8 and delta 9 (two of the most popular THC cannabinoids) to create one-of-a-kind effects. Plus, its delicious berry flavors will turn your sips to gulps to chugs.

Berry-Licious Smoothie Recipe: Funkify your fruit smoothie with a couple servings of Bussin’ Berry (1 serving = 1 capful)! Add Bussin’ Berry to a blender with ice, banana, milk of your choice, strawberries, honey, and protein powder (optional). 

Watermelon Felon Delta 9+ Syrup

With a delightful watermelon flavor, our Watermelon Felon Delta 9+ Syrup is definitely on the Most Wanted list (see what we did there? 😎). Like Bussin’ Berry, this syrup combines delta 8 and delta 9 to create potent, euphoric feels that alcohol can’t even come close to.

Watermelon Lemonade Recipe: Enhance your summertime lemonade with a couple servings of Watermelon Felon (1 serving = 1 capful)! Mix Watermelon Felon with lemonade, honey, ice, and fresh watermelon chunks in a blender.

Strawberry Gelato Magic Mushroom Syrup

Packed with our special, proprietary blend of mushroom extracts, our Strawberry Gelato Magic Mushroom Syrup is sweet, creamy, and oh-so-dreamy. Like all our other psychoactive syrups, this one is highly potent, so stick to a low dose for your first time, fellow Space Rangers. 

Chocolate Strawberry Shake Recipe: Sweet-treat freaks are in for a creamy delight. Add a couple servings of Strawberry Gelato Magic Mushroom Syrup (1 serving = 1 capful) to a blender with Neapolitan ice cream, strawberries, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, and ice. Blend that bad boi, and sink into waves of velvety vibes!

Purple Stuff HHC Syrup

For a different type of buzz, check out our Purple Stuff HHC Syrup! Loaded with HHC (and only HHC), this heavy-hitting syrup carries a delicious grape flavor that’ll make all your taste buds sing. Plus, with 1000mg of HHC per bottle, Purple Stuff will definitely bring good feels to any party, night out, cookout, get-together, wedding, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, brunch, break at work—you get the idea.

Classic Grape Sizzurp Recipe: Mix a couple servings of Purple Stuff with your favorite lemon-lime soda for a classic sizzurp drink!

Here’s a handy-dandy chart to break it all down for you!

Type of SyrupActive Ingredient(s)When Do Effects Set In?*Duration of Effects*Hangover?
Galaxy Grape Magic Mushroom SyrupProprietary blend of mushroom extracts30 minutes to two hoursSix to eight hours❌No way, dude.
Bussin’ Berry Delta 9+ SyrupDelta 9 + Delta 830 minutes to two hoursSix to eight hours❌Nuh huh, compadre.
Watermelon Felon Delta 9+ SyrupDelta 9 + Delta 830 minutes to two hoursSix to eight hours❌Natta.
Strawberry Gelato Magic Mushroom SyrupProprietary blend of mushroom extracts30 minutes to two hoursSix to eight hours❌Not here either.
Purple Stuff HHC SyrupHHC30 minutes to two hoursSix to eight hours❌Nope.

*All time ranges are approximate and can vary depending on personal bioavailability factors.

How to Buzz Your Beverage

All this talk of buzzy bevies, and you’re probably just as eager as us to dive in. So, how does one (you) make a buzzed beverage?

Choose Your Brew: Shrooms vs. THC

To concoct your buzzed beverage masterpiece, first, you need to decide on a vibe—the classic “THC vs Shrooms” debate. Before we settle the debate, it’s important to note that these syrups affect everyone differently. What you feel from a couple sips may not be what your buddy feels, and vice versa. So, we’re talkin’ on general terms, generally, to the general public (at ease, General).

THC syrups carry THC (obviously). These create a classic cannabis experience, which for some, can be ultra-relaxing. For others, cannabis can leave ’em energized ’til dawn. It really all depends on the cannabinoids inside the syrup, and how your body responds to those cannabinoids. Our Watermelon Felon and Bussin’ Berry Syrups, for example, carry a blend of delta 9 and delta 8 to create a more energetic feeling, giving you a rush of rousing euphoria.

Magic mushroom syrups, on the other hand, are generally more cerebral. These syrups deliver head-heavy effects that light up brain receptors like an unsanctioned 4th of July fireworks show. So, get ready to taste colors. 

Choose Your Mixer

Next, grab your preferred beverage or drink recipe. These syrups carry pretty potent fruit flavors, so stick with a drink that complements your chosen syrup’s flavor. Typically, adults choose sparkling water, lemonade, soda, or a DIY smoothie. We left some recipes above, if you’re bobbing for ideas. 👆

How Buzzed Are We Gettin’?

Across the board, a serving of psychoactive syrups is equal to one capful. Newcomers should stick to a low dose or a microdose (1-2 capfuls) for their first rendezvous. Once you have a handle on the effects, feel free to adjust your dose and buzz your drink even more!

Mix ’n’ Sip, Baybee!

Once your concoction is made, all that’s left is to mix it well and sip away! Many adults prefer syrups over edibles because they can sip a serving rather than take it all at once. These small, gradual sips let them enjoy prolonged effects, perfect for a daytime or nighttime microdose. 

When Do Effects Kick In?

Generally speaking, effects from syrups set in around the same time as other edibles: 30 minutes to two hours. But, this timeline can change depending on certain bioavailability factors, like height, weight, body composition, and more. So, effects aren’t immediate, but they do last a while. 

Psst! How Long Is This Gonna Last?

Again, speaking generally to the general public, effects from syrups last around six to eight hours. However, that’s six to eight hours after your last sip. Syrups aren’t like other edibles. With gummies, you take a serving all at once. With syrups, you can spread that serving out over a couple of hours. So, the timeline for effects stretches as you sip that sweet, psychoactive syrup. 

Break Up With Alcohol, Buzz Your Bevs!

Let’s be honest for a second; alcohol had a good run. Sure, alcohol’s slippery feels were fun. But it’s time to move on. You’re a grown-up. The days of pounding drinks and pounding headaches are long gone. With THC and magic mushroom syrups, buzzed beverages are taking the baton and leading the party scene down a better path—one that’s layered with delicious fruit flavors, colorful euphoria, and no damn hangover!

Cheers, my fellow Space Rangers!

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