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Holiday Guide 2023: Shopping for the Right THC Gifts

This holiday season, give your friends something they’ll actually love: potent THC products! After all, deliciously psychotropic gummies, vapes, and syrups will have ’em moving and grooving with the holiday spirit!  While other people unwrap scarves, underwear, gift cards, and 1000-piece puzzles, your friends are gonna have everyone wishing they were at a White Elephant […]

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Delicious, Danktastic Delta 8 Edibles

Gummies this, gummies that. Gummies for sleep. Gummies for health. Gummies with vitamins. Gummies shaped like Norwegian fish, dinosaurs, whatever. Sure, all these gummies are great. Splendid? You betcha! But there’s one gummy missing! Where are the gummies for dank AF vibes?! Well, by infusing our edibles with decadent delta 8 (a rising all-star hemp-derived […]

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Delta 8 Vape: More Than Smoke & Mirrors

Fellow Saints of Smoke, Earls of Edibles, and Crowned Kings and Queens of Carts, today we’re rollin’ with something new to your stash. We’re taking long puffs of knowledge and getting lost in the clouds with delta 8 THC vapes and delta 8 THC carts. By now, the famed cannabinoid, delta 8 THC, has made […]

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Mushrooms Crash Course: What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Today, my fellow euphoria enthusiasts, we’re talkin’ mushrooms. No, not the mushrooms Nana sprinkles in her spaghetti sauce (unless she’s extremely cool.) We’re talkin’ the magic kind. The kind that lights up your third eye and blasts you directly into the stratosphere, en route to becoming the first human Martians have seen up close.  Magic […]

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