What is HHC? Not Your Daddy’s Ganja

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HHC is an absolute banger of a cannabinoid and if you aren’t getting lifted with this bad boy, then you’re missing out big time!

Because HHC is relatively new, there are still plenty of people who don’t know what it is, how to use it, or how it stacks up against some of the better-known cannabinoids like Delta 8 or THC. Well, you know TRĒ House has your back boo! In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about this powerful cannabinoid. 

You’re about to learn what HHC is, where it comes from, and even meet some of our favorite products. Ready to blast off with a super unique cannabinoid? You definitely won’t want to miss this!

What is HHC Cannabinoid?

HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is a powerful cannabinoid that was first synthesized by a big smarty pants named Roger Adams back in the 1940’s. Mr. Adams was a big fan of chemistry and apparently loved the Ganja (though he may have kept this a secret at the time because people simply weren’t as chill about cannabis back then).

For Ganja enthusiasts, it’s easy to understand the basics of HHC. This compound starts as a naturally occurring cannabinoid that you’re likely familiar with called THC. Fancy scientists extract this cannabinoid from a desired strain, then put the cannabis extract through a process called “hydrogenation”. This is a fairly simple process used in everything from cannabis products to things as common as salad dressing and honey.

So, what is HHC? HHC is a psychotropic, semi-synthetic cannabinoid first synthesized by Roger Adams in the 1940s. Basically, it’s a cannabinoid that gets you high af. How does it compare to THC? Let’s take a look.


HHC and THC have a few similarities and a few differences. These are both cannabinoids that get you super baked, and they both come from cannabis, but the way they get from the plant to your body differs.

HHC is basically a semi-synthetic version of THC. If you paid attention to the last section, you know that HHC is made from THC. The THC is first extracted from cannabis, then made into HHC by way of a process called “hydrogenation”. So what does this mean for you?

The process of hydrogenation allows manufacturers to add a hydrogen molecule to the THC compound. While this is a relatively minute chemical change, it does have a huge impact on the buzz you experience. Some people say that HHC is slightly more mellow than THC and some say it’s more powerful. Because everyone experiences something different with psychotropic cannabinoids, the only way to know for sure how HHC will affect you is to give it a try!

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HHC vs Delta 8

HHC and Delta 8, Like HHC and THC, are quite similar compounds. They both come from cannabis, they both get you baked, and they’re both more fun than a barrel of monkeys. The two primary differences between Delta 8 and HHC are that Delta 8 occurs at a different point on the molecular chain that Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and HHC must be subject to hydrogenation after extraction.

The buzz felt from these compounds can also be quite different. HHC is often hailed as the champion of body-buzz, while Delta 8 tends to offer a headier experience. Both of these cannabinoids feel great and get you more baked than a birthday cake. Which one you prefer is totally up to you, but don’t make your decision based on assumption. Give both of these sweet babies a try and decide for yourself!

Common Questions about HHC

Since HHC is a relatively new cannabinoid on the market, plenty of people are interested but not informed enough to confidently make a decision on whether or not to try it. Well, we absolutely love HHC and are eager to put your worries and curiosities at ease. In this section, we’ll answer some of the burning questions that our customers commonly ask. Stick around, these answers are gold.

Does HHC Get You High?

YES! A resounding, exciting YES. HHC gets you baked AF. How baked you ask? More baked than rock hard salmon that you left in the oven for two hours after getting ripped and turning on Jerry Springer reruns at 4 in the morning. What were you thinking?

HHC offers powerful psychotropic effects that have been likened to making out with an angel or riding a submersible unicorn through the dark expanse of the deepest ocean. Sound like fun? That’s because it is.

Does HHC Show Up In a Drug Test?

As much as we’d love to say that you’re all good to pee in cups and send in hair samples, we definitely don’t recommend it. HHC is a psychotropic cannabinoid that is made from THC. It is essentially an altered THC compound and since drug tests are designed specifically to detect traces of THC in your body, they are likely to detect HHC and fail you like a mean third-grade teacher.

Is HHC Safe?

Yep! It sure is. There have been no reported cases of people overdosing on HHC. It’s a cannabinoid, remember! That being said, if you’re concerned about the safety of HHC, don’t take our word for it, go speak to a medical professional for advice.

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