Mushrooms Crash Course: What Are Magic Mushrooms?

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Today, my fellow euphoria enthusiasts, we’re talkin’ mushrooms. No, not the mushrooms Nana sprinkles in her spaghetti sauce (unless she’s extremely cool.) We’re talkin’ the magic kind. The kind that lights up your third eye and blasts you directly into the stratosphere, en route to becoming the first human Martians have seen up close. 

Magic mushrooms are a staple in the world of psychoactive substances. These psychotropic mushrooms sit right next to your favorite THC products, like THC gummies, THC vape pens, THC syrups, and THC carts. But magic mushrooms offer a slightly different dance of euphoria. 

When crafted correctly, whether in a sweet ’n’ delicious Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar or fruity Magic Mushroom Gummies, magical mushrooms are borderline divine. Knowing how to use these tasty products, though, is essential before jumping aboard the Shroom Express.

Here, we’ll break down what magic mushrooms are and what they do, compare them to some delicious THC delectables, and introduce you to a few of our most popular mushroom-infused goodies. 

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Remember learning about mushrooms in Biology 101? Oh, you cut that class? No worries. A little knowledge of mushrooms goes a long way! 

These funky fungi grow in a variety of climates, from tropical forests to secluded caves to the tub in your roommate’s closet. Mushrooms are unlike any other organisms on our planet. With over 14,000 species of mushrooms, there are many we use daily. But only a handful of these mushrooms create psychoactive effects. These mushrooms, ladies and germs, are your magic mushrooms.

What Makes ’em Magic?

Our products with magic mushrooms are unique, containing a proprietary blend of liposomes and nootropics that activate the same receptors in the brain as traditional psychedelic mushrooms. 

This revolutionary blend of mushrooms is carefully crafted to promote cognitive function and overall well-being. It’s formulated with the highest quality liposomes, which are microscopic spheres that deliver nutrients and compounds directly to your cells. This ensures maximum absorption and efficacy.

Our blend of mushrooms contains a combination of safe, natural ingredients that work together synergistically to optimize cerebral function. These include such natural supplements as lion’s mane mushroom, 5-HTP, and rhodiola rosea. These ingredients have been scientifically proven to enhance focus, memory, creativity, and mood.

What sets our “Magic Mushroom” blend apart is its unique ability to target the same receptors in the brain that are responsible for psychedelic effects. It is designed to promote mental clarity and focus, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. With regular use, you can experience heightened cognitive function and a greater sense of overall vitality.

The reason why our mushroom products yield a positive psychotropic effect is that research suggests many of these “serotonin agonists” can individually yield a psychotropic effect, if the user consumes enough of these ingredients at one time. However, the body is unable to process these ingredients all at once, in their normal state. With our proprietary formula and delivery system, they’re able to hit the receptor site all at once, which triggers an optimal effect. The ingredients are first converted into a smaller, evenly homogenized particle size to trick the user’s body, in a sense, into feeling like they’re consuming much more than they actually are. All those ingredients hitting the receptor site at the same time trigger a highly bioavailable and efficacious blend of all ingredients, all at once—yielding an intensely euphoric effect.

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Products with Mushrooms

We’ve crafted our shroom products with your taste buds in mind. Typically, mushrooms carry pungent, funky, earthy flavors. Our professionals in lab coats have formulated delicious chocolate bars and mouth-watering gummies to mask the mushrooms’ distinct tastes, creating goodies that taste divine and offer seriously potent effects. 

mushroom chocolates

Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Our Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars come in four flavors to smother your taste buds before launching you past the Kuiper Belt:

  • Peanut Butter 
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Fruity Cereal
  • Chocolate Milk

We’ve divided these bars into 15 individual pieces, perfect for sharing with fellow space travelers or spreading out your own psychotropic experience over a long time. 

For a relatively tame encounter of the third kind, we recommend taking 1–3 pieces. For exploring the dark side of the moon, pop on some Pink Floyd and munch on 4–6 pieces. For a real trippy experience through the solar system, designate a friend as your trip guide and break off 7+ of these bad bois. 

mushroom gummies

Mushroom Gummies

Now, for all the chocolate haters, take a breath. We didn’t forget about you. We’ve taken the same fabbo formula from our Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars and crafted it into four delicious, mind-melting gummies with mushrooms:

  • Blue Raspberry Magic Mushroom Gummies
  • Juicy Mango Magic Mushroom Gummies
  • Strawberry Dream Magic Mushroom Gummies
  • Watermelon Wonder Magic Mushroom Gummies

Much like our shroom chocolates, we recommend taking 1–3 pieces of our shroom gummies for a minor euphoric experience. For a serious change in cerebral elevation, 5–6 pieces will do the trick. And 7+ pieces? Well, that’s the perfect dose for skiing down Mars’ Olympus Mons.

Mushrooms vs. THC

For all the THC cannasseurs, these goodies with mushrooms aren’t meant to replace your already bonafide stash of dank delectables. Think of these products as a break from your status quo—a deviation from your regularly scheduled programming. Our shroom products offer a different shade of euphoric effects, feeling more body-heavy than cerebral, like a warm hug of TV static.

As any sativa savant or indica enjoyer may know, THC brings many friends to the party. There’s delta 8, delta 9, delta 10, THC-P, and HHC—all of which carry their own unique experience. When paired together in a gummy, vape, or syrup, these THC compounds produce distinct psychoactive effects.

Our products with mushrooms can have similar effects. These chocolates and gummies use a premium blend of mushrooms to help you feel various psychotropic effects, similar to those from THC edibles. 

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Effects of Mushrooms

There aren’t really any immediate effects with these shroom-infused products. Rather, they create long-lasting effects that can last for a few hours, similar to THC edibles. When you take a serving of shroom chocolate or gummies, the edible has to pass through your digestive system before absorbing into the body, where it’ll then incite the mushrooms’ patented euphoric effects. 

This trek takes time and can vary from person to person, depending on your body’s composition and other bioavailability factors. Generally, you can expect to feel the mushrooms’ “magical” effects after an hour or two. 

How to Use Goodies with Mushrooms

Whether you’re a seasoned mushrooms veteran or a starry-eyed beginner, it’s always best to start with the recommended dose for your first time. For our products, a recommended starting dose is 1–3 pieces of either chocolate or gummies. After you’ve felt the full effects of this introductory dose, you can take more on your future doses. But, remember to increase slowly.

Now, if you’ve just taken a dose of our magic mushrooms-infused products, wait until you’ve felt the full effects of the first serving before going back for seconds. This’ll help you avoid the classic rookie mistake of taking too much too fast.

Are Shrooms for You?

If you’re looking for a minor change in elevation, a trip through the rabbit hole, some serious cerebral effects, and a break from your standard stash of THC delights, our magic mushroom-infused products should be at the top of your list! 

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