THCA Diamonds Are Forever: THC-A vs Liquid Diamonds Vape Pens

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THCA is a rather new cannabinoid to find its mainstream groove, and liquid diamonds are a potent blend of tongue-smothering terpenes and heavy-hitting cannabinoids. On their own, THCA and liquid diamonds make for a pretty ceremonious, cerebral experience. But could either be “the one?”

Let’s talk candidly: are you happy with your stash of dank delta delectables? Have you fallen out of love with your current go-to THC vapes and gummies? Has the honeymoon phase fizzled out? Is there just no passion left in your romps with THC? Today, we’re introducing you to two notable bachelors, each vying for a place in the heart of your THC rotation. 

Whether you’re on the market for a serious connection, or just swiping right or left on your options, THCA and liquid diamonds are two of the most covetous cannabis compounds out there, giving admirers an endless list of velvety-good vibes. Both deliver flavors. Both deliver effects. But which is better suited to your sensibilities? 

Here, we’ll compare the two, stand them up side-by-side, and show you the good, the great, and the awesome, just to see if we get any sparks. So, without any further ado, let’s meet our bachelors. 

What Is THC-A?

From humble beginnings, THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is a cannabinoid that only recently found its stride, gracing the formulas of many notable, up-and-coming, and fan-favorite products. But THCA isn’t necessarily a late bloomer. It wasn’t until recently that canna-cultivators discovered its potential. THCA exists naturally in all cannabis strains. In its basic form, THCA delivers a range of benefits for stress, relaxation, and overall mind-body wellness, similar to CBD, the Zen-level cannabinoid. 

THCA seems nice, relatable, and approachable. Your mother would approve of THCA, wouldn’t she? But THCA has a wild side, too. When heated, THCA lets its hair down and converts into party-hearty THC—the wild child cannabinoid—and is now poised to take you on a fun-filled, euphoria-rich carpet ride through the stars.

THCA Gummies

A bachelor without friends is a red flag. Luckily, we pair THCA with its best buds in our ItsPurpl Purple Punch THC-A Gummies! These flavor-packed purple gummies come with potent levels of THC-P, delta 9, and delta 8 to launch the cerebellum through the air like a supersonic wedding bouquet. Plus, these gummies use a delightful Purple Punch flavor to tantalize any sweet tooth. 

THCA Vapes

Other bachelors will say they “love to travel,” but none quite fit the bill like THCA. Potent and pocket-sized, our THCA Vape Pens are packed with delicious, classic strains and served up with a slathering of liquid budder. Party hearty with Sunset Sherbet THC-A Live Resin Liquid Budder Vape Pen or White Widow THC-A Live Resin Liquid Budder Vape Pen!

What Are Liquid Diamonds?

That’s a ton of love flowing one way. What about our other bachelor patiently waiting in the wings? Ladies and germs, please meet liquid diamonds, a flavor-rich, cannabinoid-packed cannabis concentrate that’s ready to sweep you off your feet, literally. Liquid diamonds are seriously potent and will carry you to Stoney Cloud Nine. 

Now, to understand what these delightfully delicious liquid diamonds are, we need to get a little dirty. Liquid diamonds might sound like an elegant name (they do get you oh-so elegantly elevated), but they start like all other cannabis concentrates: under the sun and above the dirt in a good ’ole domestic hemp field. When raw hemp buds reach a certain maturation stage, they ooze viscous, milky-white trichomes. These trichomes are teeming with aromatic terpenes and flavonoids, plus a whole host of cannabinoids.

We extract these crystalline structures right at their most pristine, perfect stage, locking in all those delicious, strain-specific terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Then, this extract is primed, poised, and prepared to not only lasso the Moon for you, but take you there, too.

Liquid Diamond Vape Pens

If you’d like to dance with liquid diamonds, we propose trying one of our Liquid Diamond Vape Pens. These rechargeable disposables contain a unique blend of potent cannabinoids, including delta 8, delta 9, delta 10, HHC, and THC-P, plus a crowd of strain-specific terpenes. These pens punch with a whole lotta flavorful love before wrapping your mind in a warm-butter body hug.

THC-A vs Liquid Diamonds

With the pleasantries and introductions behind us, let’s get more into the nitty-gritty details. Is one better suited to be your “forever match” than the other?


Whenever we compare cannabinoids, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, “How different are the effects?” THCA and liquid diamonds are entirely different compounds, so naturally, they boast an entirely different set of rip-roaring, party-hearty effects. Let’s explain. 

THCA: THCA, in its basic state, is non-psychoactive. It delivers waves of relaxation-heavy effects. But, when THCA gets heated, the disco ball comes down, and that little meager THCA turns into fun-lovin’ THC. These effects from converted THCA (now THC) offer a classic, red-eyed, munchies-hungry cannabis experience. 

Liquid Diamonds: Our liquid diamond vape pens are jam-packed with a number of THC cannabinoids. So, the effects will definitely feel cerebral (like THCA) but a little more layered (unlike THCA). These euphoric effects are influenced by a myriad of compounds, making them feel unlike anything you’ve tried before—even if you are a pretty seasoned canna-ssieur. 

Available Products

For the Vape Gods and Goddesses and the Earls of Edibles, it’s gonna be essential to know which one gives you your preferred method of consumption. So, what products do THCA and liquid diamonds come in?

THCA: THCA might have the edge on liquid diamonds, but just barely. THCA comes in two different types of products: our ItsPurpl gummies and a growing line of THCA vape pens. 

Liquid Diamonds: Liquid diamonds might only come in vape pens, but damn do they shine. Just a couple puffs from these liquid diamond vape pens and you’re riding high, en route to see the Big Dipper up close. If you’re interested in feeling the funky effects of liquid diamonds, check out fan-favorite Candy Land Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pen and Pineapple Express Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pen

Are THCA Diamonds Forever?

Now, before you run off and elope with your chosen beau, let’s bring you back down to Earth for a second (before you slingshot right back to Stoney Cloud Nine). Here before you are two wonderfully potent, delightfully delicious cannabis compounds, each offering you a life of laughs, red eyes, munchies, and velvety vibes. Before you say I do, before the vows, the toasts, and the wedding bells, take a second to consider, really consider which one will bring you the utmost happiness.

Or, just get both. 

They pair together nicely with a fuzzy blanket and a nature documentary on meerkats. 

Just get ’em both, you crazy devil. Make it a throuple!

Happy travels!

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