Holiday Guide 2023: Best THC & Shrooms for the Boomers on Your List

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Need a gift for your parents or grandparents, but not quite digging the vibe of a Red Lobster gift card? You know, older folks like to blaze it up, too. They are the Woodstock generation, after all. Face it, if Hendrix was around today, he’d be somebody’s Grampa, too. So, why not give them a gift they’ll love. Give ’em the one they’ll be showing off to their friends, who got lame-ass novelty blankets for Christmas. Give them that sweet, dank THC.

Here’s a look at some of the best THC products and magic mushroom products for holiday gifts this season!

Best Gifts for a Stressed-Out Senior

trehouse holiday gifts for boomers

Let’s start with the stressbusters. Everyone deals with stress, no matter how old they are. A low-dose, good vibe gummy can be just the thing to help them take the edge off.

Since delta 8 is a bit less in-your-face than that dank delta 9, our new, lower-dosage delta 8 gummies are a perfect “chill chew.” Give them our Strawberry Delta 8 Gummies or Mango Delta 8 Gummies deliver 25mg of delta 8 THC per serving. Or, if they like delta 8 but need a heftier dose, try the Blue Raspberry High-Potency Delta 8 Gummies, packing a whopping 100mg of delta 8 THC in each juicy serving!

Best Gifts for the Boomer Who Just Wants to Get Back to Woodstock

trehouse holiday gifts for boomers

As noted above, the Baby Boomer generation did not mess around when it came to that icky sticky. If you want to give ’em a time machine back to 1969, but without the legal hassles of marijuana, try these toasty hemp items instead.

There was a time on this Earth when Acapulco Gold was a titan. Recapture that glory with our Acapulco Gold HHC Prerolls: five HHC-packed Js wrapped in premium hemp Kief! Or, spare them the smoke with one of our canna-blessed delta 9 THC vape pens. After all, delta 9 THC is the cannabis colossus they would most remember, as it was always the star of That ’70s Circle. Speaking of which, your Boomer bestie will love our new delta 9 gummies, packing 10mg of delta 9 THC in every serving. Choose from Blue Raspberry Delta 9 Gummies, Strawberry Delta 9 Gummies, and Mango Delta 9 Gummies.

Best Gifts for Dank on the Downlow

trehouse holiday gifts for boomers

Not everyone is down with the dank. If you sense that the person on your list is keen to keep things on the DL, slip ’em a bottle of our Peach Pear Full Spectrum CBD + Delta 9 THC Gummies. Gummies are great for evading narcs or nosy neighbors. THC vapes are also a great quick-hit choice, and come in a wide variety of flavors and formulas. Why not give them one with a strain name they’ll know and love: a Pineapple Express Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pen!

Best Gifts for the Intergalactic Space Traveler

trehouse holiday gifts for boomers

Sometimes, you just have to step back and respect game. If your Gramps or Gam-Gam are full-on ballers, you need to step up your gift giving. Give them the cutting edge in modern space travel: magic mushrooms. No, these aren’t the psilocybin mushies that make you panic for a porta-potty in the desert. These are legal shrooms with big brain buzziness. Choose from Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars (available in four delicious flavors) or Magic Mushroom Gummies (now in six flavors). Whichever one you choose, you’re destined to become their new favorite grandkid!

Why Shop at TRĒ House?

Whether you’re buying for yourself, a cannabis comrade, or a loved one, you want quality gear. Our THC products are made with top-shelf organic hemp, extracted cleanly through cutting-edge technology, and backed by a Certificate of Analysis. For purity and potency, we’ve got you covered.

As for the lucky Boomer on your list, get ’em the best of the best with TRĒ House THC and magic mushroom products. And if they put you in the will, remember who got you there!

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