HHC vs Delta 8: A Duel of Dankness

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HHC and delta 8 THC are two cannabis compounds beloved by party people everywhere. Both have more mellow effects than the big boi, delta 9. But both of these cannabinoids still pack a punch: delta 8 with its mellow body buzz and HHC with its more cerebral effects. If you think this is shaping up to be an epic clash, you’re right. So, let’s get it on!

The arena is standing-room only. Flashes from cameras spill onto the ring. Chants from warring fans muddle the stands in a deafening distortion. Both camps are setting up, preparing for a fist-filled standoff. In this corner, with the weight of supplying a fun-filled Friday night on its shoulders, known for its subtle punch of euphoria, is the hemp industry’s starlet: delta 8 THC. And in that corner, a newcomer with much to prove, heralded as “The Weed of Tomorrow” by fans and “The Lab Rat” by critics, is a cannabinoid whose name is too long for broadcast, so we just call ’im HHC.

Thanks for joining us; I’m your host, assigned to show you every punch, jab, and pull behind delta 8’s and HHC’s arsenal. Here, I’ll introduce newbies to two cannabinoids that have amassed loyal fan bases, all thanks to delicious products and mind-bending effects. I’ll show you the differences between these heavyweights and explain how they match up next to each other. 

In this “Duel of Dankness,” who will emerge the victor? 

THC 101

Before all the fanfare, we need a basic understanding of where delta 8 and HHC come from; we need to investigate their roots. 

Born in the cannabis plant’s spiky green buds, stalks, and leaves, cannabinoids are unique compounds that dance with your body’s endocannabinoid receptors, resulting in a slew of wellness benefits and deliciously potent mind-melting effects. The most abundant cannabinoids are CBD and THC. CBD, the popular cannabinoid, famous for its therapeutic benefits on sleep, stress, and overall wellness, is merely a bystander in this slug-fest between delta 8 and HHC.

And THC? Well, that’s where this origin story starts. THC is one of cannabis’ only psychoactive cannabinoids. It delivers potent, head-heavy, body-buzzing euphoria. THC exists as a long molecule with a few different types of isomers attached to it. (Hey, this section is called THC 101. Of course, we gotta dive into a li’l science; it’s Weed Science, though. You’ll be a’ight.)

Along THC’s molecular structure, we find a number of different isomers—including delta 8. But before we get to the hemp industry’s starlet, delta 8 THC, let’s meet its big brother: the rumble-tumble classic, delta 9 THC.

Delta 9: The Party-Hearty OG

To set the stage for this title shot, we need a little common ground to compare delta 8 and HHC. So, let’s contrast the two to the OG!

Delta 9 THC is the world champion everyone’s chasing. It’s the most abundant THC molecule, responsible (primarily) for the effects you feel after taking a THC product. Compared to other potent cannabinoids, delta 9 THC is stronger, sprinkling the mind with euphoria and the body with relaxing feels. For most of the modern era, in terms of popularity at least, delta 9 THC has had a miles-long lead on other THC cannabinoids. But, that lead is dwindling fast. 

Now, many adults are quickly turning to cannabinoids like our contenders, delta 8 and HHC, for a different shade of potent, colorful euphoria. Delta 9 loyalists, don’t worry—you can still find this classic cannabinoid in products like our delta 9 gummies and delta 9 vape pens.

HHC vs Delta 8

We’re now ringside in this “HHC vs Delta 8” fight; let’s meet our contenders.

What Is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid. Found in all strains of cannabis and hemp plants, delta 8 THC exists naturally at low levels, coasting just under the radar. But, recent research has found ways to coax this molecule out of hiding and right into the center of the ring. Compared to delta 9’s effects, delta 8 is a tad milder, offering a less intoxicating, still euphoric experience. This is why delta 8 edibles typically have more delta 8 per serving than delta 9 edibles. You’ll need a little more delta 8 to reach the same level.

But, not everyone sees these milder effects as a disadvantage. Many love delta 8’s muted effects, maybe because of their weaker tolerance or their fascination with finding the perfect THC microdose. 

What Is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a newly minted fan-favorite cannabinoid, known for its head-buzzing effects. HHC is what’s known as a THC analog. It exists naturally but can really only be found in meager amounts in the wild. Scientists create HHC by simply adding stable hydrogen atoms to the THC molecular structure, which is the same process used to turn vegetable oil into margarine. Compared to delta 9, HHC is not as strong but still offers a refreshing one-two jab of euphoria.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Gearing up for the main event, let’s see how these two heavyweights stack up. 


The main question rifling through your mind is, undoubtedly, how different are the effects of decadent delta 8 and heavy-hitter HHC? 

Well, for those who haven’t explored alternative cannabinoids, this is gonna be important to note: everyone reacts differently to cannabinoids. This contrast comes down to personal factors, like tolerance, bioavailability, and body composition. While some may feel oh-so elevated from 10mg of THC, others will shoot to the moon and back—through a euphoric, confetti cannon, no less. So, during this deep dive into these two cannabinoids’ effects, we’re speaking generally … generally speaking. 

Delta 8: Next to HHC, delta 8 THC is a little milder, offering a subtler elevated experience. Many users report delta 8’s effects in their body rather than their mind, wrapping them in a warm hug of relaxing tingles and soothing euphoria. This is why many take delta 8 to deepen relaxation or to enjoy a mild psychoactive experience.

HHC: For many adults, HHC delivers stronger effects, but (as we noted above) these effects aren’t as strong as classic delta 9 THC. Many agree that HHC feels more cerebral than delta 8, possibly giving unrivaled benefits for expanding creativity. Because these effects are more cerebral, you might feel a little more energized than relaxed, which can be incredible for a night out or a daytime sesh. 

Drug Testing

Another question that’s top of the mind for all users, especially before a heavyweight bout, surrounds drug testing and the possibility of a dreaded false-positive. 

Delta 8: Science has come a long way, from putting a man on the moon to putting a video of that man on the moon on a pocket-sized screen. And yet, all that scientific wonder has done little in the world of drug testing. Most drug tests are designed to suss out traces of THC, regardless of whether it comes from legal Farm-Bill-compliant hemp or federally illegal marijuana. So, if hemp-derived delta 8 THC is in your sample, there could be a high likelihood of a false positive result. 

HHC: “But you said HHC is different. It doesn’t have the same molecular structure as THC, so I’m good, right?” Well, yes, those little hydrogen atoms convert the molecule from THC to HHC, but that slight change might not be enough to pass through detection. So, even from legal Farm-Bill-compliant hemp, HHC may cause a false-positive drug test. 

Types of Products

Now, let’s look at the types of products these cannabinoids have in their corner. 

Delta 8 Vapes: We offer a wonderful, potent, out-of-this-world collection of delta 8 vapes in both delta 8 vape pens and delta 8 carts. Because of delta 8’s milder effects, we often pair this groovy cannabinoid with others, like THC-P, delta 10, and delta 9, to give you a myriad of euphoric effects to enjoy. 

Delta 8 Gummies: Our selection of delta 8 gummies also includes a cast of THC cannabinoids, while our pure delta 8 gummies come with upwards of 100mg per serving. You can choose from delicious flavors, such as blue raspberry, mango, strawberry, and more. 

Delta 8 Flower: Packed tightly with half a gram of concentrated delta 8 flower, our Rainbow Runtz Delta 8 Prerolls are coated in premium, hemp-derived kief, making for an extra potent, extra loud smoking experience. 

HHC Vapes: Because of HHC’s slightly stronger effects, our HHC vape pens and HHC carts mostly contain just HHC and no other accompanying cannabinoids. These vapes use strain-specific terpenes to deliver flavor-rich puffs of mind-melting euphoria.

HHC Gummies: Our HHC gummies come in several formulas, one spotlighting solely HHC and two others harnessing HHC alongside multiple THC cannabinoids. The amount of HHC in these gummies ranges from a mild 10mg to a whopping 25mg per serving.

HHC Syrup: For a pure HHC experience, our Purple Stuff HHC Syrup contains 1000mg of third-eye-opening HHC per bottle—with a delicious grape flavor.

HHC Flower: For a classic puff of HHC bliss, our Acapulco Gold HHC Prerolls use terpenes from the iconic strain to deliver a smooth, euphoric smoking experience. 

Better Together?

Ladies and germs, with all this in mind, and the two cannabinoids pacing in either corner of the ring, what if you want to enjoy them together? Of all of our THC products, only a few have both delta 8 and HHC. 

Our Tropic Mango Delta 8 Gummies use delta 8 and HHC, alongside THC-P, to create a fruit-flavored swirl of euphoria. And our Liquid Diamonds Vape Pens contain a litany of psychoactive cannabinoids (including delta 8 and HHC) coupled with delicious, flavor-rich terpene extracts. These vape pens pack strong, psychoactive feels in a potent, pocket-sized disposable. 

Lastly, Which Is Better?

The Duel of Dankness is about to begin. So, which one will come out on top? 

Well, that judge’s decision is yours to make. We’ve empowered you with the background knowledge, key fundamentals, and delicious products to help you make an informed choice. 

So, which one will it be? 

Round one starts … now!

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