Blazers, Let’s Roll! THC Prerolls & Cannabis Pre Rolls

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Don’t you just love when things are easy? Prerolls make enjoying legal cannabis hemp super simple and convenient. We might be biased, but that first drag from a pre-roll is truly cosmic. As fellow travelers, we can confirm that enjoying a cannabis pre-roll is like a manual way to realign your chakras. So, with that being said, let’s dive right in and get centered with cannabis!

Combining Cannabinoids

Cannabis plants produce a ton of cannabinoids, which are naturally occurring compounds that we enjoy for a diverse range of uses (some with mind-melting feels!). One of the most well-known cannabis compounds is CBD. CBD can be found in both cannabis hemp plants and its ready-to-party cannabis cousin, marijuana. Products with CBD are sought after for their help with overall wellness, everyday aches and pains, relaxation, and more. CBD oil can be infused with bonus THC, as with our Peach Pear Delta 9 Gummies. When you combine calming full spectrum CBD with THC, you balance out the mind-melting powers of THC with more mellow feels. 

What Are Prerolls? And Why Not Roll Your Own?

Prerolls are simply pre-rolled smokes. In the case of TREࠢ House prerolls, they’re pre-rolled smokes packed with hemp-derived cannabinoids, designed to get you lit AF! 

As for why some folks prefer prerolls to rolling their own doobs, the answer’s pretty simple. Prerolls let someone do the work for you, so you can get straight to the getting baked side of the equation!

Curious About Cannabis Pre Rolls?

Now that we’ve sparked your interest in flower pre-rolls, let’s chat about our cannabis products. There’s a lot of cannabis brands out there, but we take pride in our powerful pre-rolls that are guaranteed to take you to the moon and back! 

Acapulco Gold HHC Prerolls

For our legal cannabis champs, we’ve got our Acapulco Gold HHC Prerolls. These Kief-coated pre-rolls are made with half a gram of prize-worthy HHC-infused hemp flower. What is HHC, you ask? It’s another cannabinoid that comes from cannabis, just like THC, but it’s upgraded with one extra hydrogen molecule (how technical) through the process of hydrogenation. Some people say HHC products give them more of a body buzz than THC, but it can depend on your unique body chemistry. 

If you’re headed out to a party this weekend, bring these powerful puffs along for the ride! There are five individual joints in this pack, so there’s plenty to puff, puff, pass! Just remember, when it comes to cannabis, sharing is caring!

Rainbow Runtz Delta 8 Prerolls

Touch the sky with these colorful cannabis hemp joints! Packed with half a gram of delta 8 infused hemp flower, these chill pre-rolls are perfectly rolled and taste like the classic Rainbow Runtz cannabis strain. What is delta 8, you ask? It’s another cool cannabinoid that gets you majorly baked. Since it can be derived from hemp, this cannabinoid is also a legal way to enjoy the captivating powers of cannabis. If you’re looking for more cannabis products with delta 8, we got you covered with delta 8 gummies, delta 8 vapes, and delta 8 carts.

Other Top-Shelf THC Products

Craving all things cannabis? We’ve got plenty of products to choose from, if you’re looking to branch out with cannabis hemp flower. Prerolls are a great go-to for social gatherings, since you can hand them out like a benevolent king or queen, and it helps you to protect your stash. Once people smell that funky flower in the air, you’ll quickly find yourself at the center of the circle, so being able to bring individual cannabis products, versus something like a vape, helps you to have a little more control on your green generosity. But hey, you do you. We’ve got plenty of THC products for you and your space crew to enjoy. So, channel that high vibrational abundance mindset when doing your cannabis shopping. After all, cannabis karma is real!

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