Delta 8: Why it Kicks Ass and What You Need to Know

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Hey! You’re interested in Delta 8? We are too! Definitely going to be buds…

So, you already know that Delta 8 has become one of the most popular cannabinoids on the market, but you want to know more? No problemo! At TRĒ House, we are all about our customers making informed decisions when it comes to getting their bake on. Lucky for you, we happen to be experts on all things cannabis!

In this article, we’re going to take you on a deep dive into the wild world of Delta 8. We’ll teach you what it is, give you some pointers on how to find the right product for you, and even answer some of your burning questions like “Am I totally going to get fired because I cheef D8 like it’s my last day on earth”.

If you want to exercise those brain wrinkles and get some proper schooling on Delta 8, then you need to read on bb!

Don’t Be A Stranger! Let’s Get to Know Delta 8

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a consumer is to research the products you intend on consuming. Don’t be offended, even off-grid farmers are consumers.

Sure, it can be fun to dive in blind sometimes, and other times it can really suck. Fortunately, we are here to hold your hand. We want you to be BFFs with D8 because we love you and we love D8 and we want all of our friends to be friends. For this to happen, you need to be well informed, and informing you is our goal here! Nice when things work out like that, huh?

What is Delta 8 and How is it Different From CBD?

Put super simply, Delta 8 is another form of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is one of over 100 cannabinoids that are produced by cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. The molecular strand that THC exists on is actually made up of several different types of THC; Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, and Delta 10 THC.

To manufacture a high-quality Delta 8, you first need a full-plant, full-spectrum extract. Once all of the cannabis oil has been extracted, the THC is isolated. Once you have pure THC, you can isolate the Delta 8. Boom! Premium, delicious D8!

Delta-8 THC is different from CBD in a number of different ways. For starters, full-spectrum CBD doesn’t require any additional distillation after the initial extraction process is complete.

The primary difference between D8 and CBD is…….

(We’re being dramatic. Go to the next section)

Will Delta-8 THC Get You High? I’m trying to get lit…

The main difference between CBD and D8 is that CBD is non-psychoactive and D8 is highly psychoactive. What the hell does that mean? It means that products containing D8 will get you lit like a candelabra!

Delta 8 is an isomer of THC and gives you a similar, but noticeably different buzz. People often use CBD products for wellness purposes, but D8 products are strictly recreational. Whether you pick up some of our tasty gummies or one of our awesome disposables, know that these products were made with the intention of making you a bonafide space cadet!

Does Delta 8 Show Up on a Drug Test?

A lot of us cannabis enthusiasts have a deeply ingrained fear of drug tests. Even if you aren’t required to take them on any sort of regular basis, the thought just kinda sends shivers down the spine. Well, if you are one of the unlucky few who is still subjected to regular drug testing, you definitely have a reason for concern.

We’ve been talking a whole bunch about the relationship between THC and Delta 8. Both of these compounds are forms of THC and are both psychoactive. Drug tests were designed to check your body for THC content. Because D8 is an isomer of THC, it will likely cause you to fail the drug test. Bummer!

If you’re worried about taking a drug test, we highly (hehe) recommend that you consult your primary physician before using any D8 products.

Which Delta 8 Products are Right For You?

At TRĒ House, we’re all about diversity. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to getting blitzed. Some people love puffing vapes, some people prefer edibles, and some people don’t care as long as they can get faded.

We want you to find the right fit. Not only did we design a diverse line of D8 products for you to choose from, but we’re also going to give you a quick overview of what’s available so you can figure out what’s going to work for you <3

Delta 8 Gummies

Gummies are some of the most popular D8 products available. Understandably so, because what’s not to love? Our D8 gummies are perfectly chewy, contain loads of powerful cannabinoids, and get you super lit. 

These babies were crafted with the finest ingredients and are rigorously tested at third-party labs before they come to you. This means you get to check out a detailed COA that tells you exactly what the gummies contain.

Impressive? Ya, we know (;

Delta 8 Disposable Vapes

Another one of our customer favorites is our D8 disposables. These are seriously the most powerful and most convenient vape devices we’ve ever seen. Not only are they super powerful and conveniently disposable, but they are also rechargeable! This means you get to maximize your enjoyment and indulge in 800+ puffs of zen goodness.

Vaping has a handful of advantages over other ways of using D8. The most apparent advantage is that it is the fastest way to make cannabinoids bioavailable. When you chow down on edibles, you need to wait 45 minutes or so before you really start to feel it (the buzz does last longer with edibles). When you puff a vape, the buzz is almost instant. 

If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to get faded, our D8 disposables are the way to go!

Should You Buy Delta-8 THC? (Yes, obviously)

If you’re scratching your head wondering whether or not you should try Delta 8, scratch no more! Delta 8 is psychoactive so you need to be responsible when using it, but the buzz is incredible!

We recommend that you speak to your primary physician before using D8. Once you’ve done that, we highly recommend giving it a try! If you love the way THC feels, then you’re definitely going to be a fan of D8!Don’t wait, go check out our Delta 8 and let’s get baked!

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