What Does HHC Do?

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Just when you’re beginning to wrap your brain around the different varieties of THC (Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, and so forth), along comes the new kid on the block, HHC. You’ll love this mind-bender. Like other THC variants, HHC is a powerful psychotropic derived from hemp cannabis. Where THC is there from the get-go, HHC requires a nudge from science to create a whole new buzz. So bear with us as we science the hell out of this … <donning lab coat and safety glasses>

A Little Science About HHC

Welcome to science class. There will be no test, so don’t worry. 

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, whereas HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol. For those of you who didn’t take organic chemistry, or did, but were too baked during class, the prefix “tetra” means four and “hexa” means six. Since “hydro” means hydrogen in a chemical compound, it should be relatively easy to see that HHC has six hydrogen atoms, rather than the four of THC, or, as Nigel Tufnel once observed, “It’s two more, innit?” (he actually said, “It’s one more, innit?” but who’s counting?). “Great,” you say, “but how did they get there, and what does that mean for my buzz?” We’re glad you asked. 

Although there are some HHC precursors normally present in regular hemp cannabis, they are in very small amounts. HHC is made by a process called hydrogenation, which saturates regular THC with hydrogen in such a way that two extra molecules get friendly with the THC molecule—kind of romantic when you think about it. The resulting HHC is psychotropic (i.e. it gets you buzzed) in a similar, but slightly different way than plain old THC and its normal variants. And who doesn’t groove on a new buzz? That’s scientifically speaking, of course. 

There: That’s the science, and it didn’t hurt, did it? Let us now doff the lab coats and eyewear and answer some common questions about HHC. 


As with most questions about the law, the answer tends to be, “It depends.” While HHC is federally legal under the Farm Act of 2018, which legalized hemp cannabis and hemp-derived cannabinoids, there are still differences in its legal status from state to state. So, while TRĒ House does the best job we can to keep on top of the legal status of all our products, we encourage you to get hip to your state and local laws regarding cannabis products. Because nobody wants to send letters with a return address of the local slammer. 

What Are the Benefits of HHC?

Even though HHC isn’t considered one of the so-called “health and wellness cannabinoids” (like CBD), HHC fans do enjoy it for relaxation or when they have trouble sleeping, and that’s great. While it may have no documented medical benefits, that’s not all that important, because HHC is mostly about the buzz.

Can HHC Show Up on a Drug Test?

As with the question of legality, the answer here is also, “It depends.” In a world where sometimes your job or other vital life tasks can depend on your ability to pee into a bottle, knowing for sure that you’ll test clean is a good thing. And, regardless of its legality, HHC metabolizes into some of the same compounds as THC variants, and may show up on a drug test, because drug tests aren’t (yet) smart enough to recognize anything other than the signs that your body has metabolized some THC or something that closely resembles THC. How long HHC is detectable depends on several factors: how regularly you indulge, how much you dose, and what kind of test it is. One key thing to remember is that HHC, like THC, can be stored in fat cells, so the more you indulge, the longer it can take to clear the HHC out of your system. Hey, it’s a good excuse for maintaining a workout regimen, if you need one. Here’s a handy little table that can help you if you think you might need it.

Test TypeOccasional Use: Up to 3 times a weekModerate Use: DailyHeavy Use: Multiple Times a Day
Blood1–2 Days2–3 DaysUp to 25 Days
UrineUp to 3 Days5–7 Days15–30 Days or more
Saliva1–3 Days3–7 DaysUp to 29 Days
HairUp to 90 DaysUp to 90 DaysUp to 90 Days

*Your experience may vary.

Is HHC Safe? 

Even though it was first isolated and synthesized back in the 1940s, there’s really not a huge body of research on the books, as is common for most cannabis-sourced products (a shame, that). What research has been done, though, shows that HHC is just as safe as THC and its variants. So, chillax, then get your HHC buzz on. 

Will HHC Get Me Baked?

Short answer: You bet! HHC is about 80–90% as strong as delta 9 THC, for example, but it’s a different type of buzz. And our HHC products may affect you more strongly than regular THC products do. The best way to find out is to try some HHC for yourself.

What Kind of HHC Effects Can I Expect?

We’re back in the world of “It depends” here, as individual responses to any psychotropic substance can vary quite a bit. HHC effects tend toward more of a body high, and a nice euphoric rush, but some people find it super-relaxing and chill. TRĒ House HHC products can be impressively potent, so dose carefully until you know what to expect from the ride. 

How Should I Dose HHC?

As can be the case with every cannabis-related psychotropic compound (delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, etc.), different people have different reactions, so we really recommend starting off easy and learning through experience what works best for you. Generally speaking, TRĒ House products are made so the recommended dose (one gummy, for example) is the place to start. 

TRĒ House HHC Products

Now that we’ve got you filled in on HHC basics, we’re sure you’re thinking, “Hey! I should really check this stuff out!” And you’d be absolutely right about that; so let’s dive into the various ways TRĒ House can help you groove on a new variety of buzz. 

HHC Gummies

Who doesn’t love fruity, tasty gummies that pack a potent cannabis punch? The blend of convenience, deliciousness, and impressively potent results makes our HHC gummies a top choice. TRĒ House offers HHC-only Strawberry Burst HHC Gummies (we like it that much), Tropic Mango HHC Gummies with Delta 8 and THC-P, and Blue Raspberry HHC Gummies with Delta 9 and Delta 10. They’re all tasty and they all offer a slightly different way to zoom. So pick your preferred flavor of flight and give ’em a bite (we have to rhyme at least once—it’s in the contract). 

HHC Syrup

But what if you want a relaxing beverage to sip on? We’ve got you covered there, too, with our Purple Stuff HHC Syrup. It’s a tasty, grape-y way to get your vibe on. Get that red cup going with some soda and a little slosh of purple stuff. Yes, you can just sip it straight out of the bottle, but it’s harder to dose that way, and the whole sipping thing is a great way to launch nice and mellow. The syrup is potent enough that we do urge caution with dosing until you figure out what’s going to land you in the right space at the right time. Better to start slow, and arrive at the destination without overshooting it. 

HHC Prerolls

If passing the dutchie (left or right, is up to you) is your groove, you should definitely be checking out our Acapulco Gold HHC Prerolls. This blast from the past is put together to taste like old-school Acapulco Gold, and each pre-roll blends half a gram of HHC infused hemp flower with premium hemp-derived kief. This deeply dank blend brings chill vibes to the fore, with a touch of the trippy lurking around the edges. Start with just a puff or two, as these prerolls can pack a punch, and see how things develop. Or pass it around and make friends. 

HHC Vapes

Finally, if the ease and convenience of vaping is where you’re at, TRĒ House has a number of vapes available, in pure HHC as well as blends that let your craft your buzz. So, let’s dive a little deeper into dankness. 

If you’re already grooving with a 510-style vaping device, our HHC cartridges are a blast to get blasted. These carts are packed with a gram of TRĒ House premium, high-potency HHC live resin, in classic cannabis flavors like Watermelon Zkit HHC Cartridge or Grape Ape HHC Cart. Just screw on the cartridge and take a puff. Because these are very high potency, we do recommend starting with just one small puff, then waiting a bit to see just how deep down the rabbit hole you’re going. 

If pure HHC is what you seek in a disposable vape pen, TRĒ House has you covered with a variety of high-potency disposables in a flavors designed to mimic classic cannabis strains. These pens contain HHC only with no other cannabinoids for a pure HHC vibe. Available in Watermelon Zkit, Lemon Slushie, and Blue Milk flavors, these pens contain 2 grams (roughly 800 puffs) of premium HHC. As with our other vape products, due to the potency, we highly recommend starting with a single puff, waiting a bit, and using your judgment from there. Enjoy the journey. We know we do. 

TRĒ House Live Resin HHC vape pens take the flavor journey a step further. We craft the live resin from our high-potency HHC and terpenes (which are the compounds that mostly give cannabis a distinctive odor and flavor) harvested from flash-frozen, freshly harvested plants to not only capture the flavors of your favorite cannabis varieties, but give the potency a little boost. They’re dank-a-licious! Grab Sour Diesel, Mimosa, or Grape Ape and get ready for take-off. Like all our other products, because these are highly potent, we recommend starting with a light dose, giving it a little time, then making an informed decision about just how baked you want to be.  

Our most interesting HHC vape pens—Live Resin Liquid Diamonds—start with our high-potency HHC and then blends it with other hemp products—Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, and THC-P—for a buzz unlike any other. Like the regular Live Resin vape pens, each pen is loaded with 2 grams (about 800 puffs) of Live Resin Liquid Diamonds formulation. Each blend is crafted to capture the flavor of classic cannabis varietals (if it were wine, we’d say “terroir,” but it’s not, so take another puff and please forget we just said that) for an experience that will start you off on a journey down the rabbit hole. Try Pineapple Express, Candy Land, Sour Tangie, Lime Sorbet or Forbidden Fruit and experience the dankest flavors and vibes. Once again, dose carefully, start slow and repeat as necessary to reach the heights you want.

Your Home for HHC, Delta 9 THC, CBD & More!

That just about wraps up our look at HHC, what it can do for you, and how we can help you get there. These are exciting days for hemp products and new ones, like HHC, are well worth exploring for the connoisseur of serious baking (and we’re not talking cakes). At TRĒ House, we work hard to stay on the cutting edge of the expanding world of hemp, while making sure all our products are sustainably sources and responsibly manufactured. We sincerely want your experience to have the coolest, mellowest, most vibe, chill flows they can be, because we know we like ours that way. So pop a gummy, take a puff, sip some of the purple stuff and just be you. We’ll be here. 

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