Live Resin: Your Complete Guide to Getting Super Baked

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Live resin is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to get baked and if you aren’t hip to this impressive extract, then you’re missing out big time! There are endless extraction methods these days and they all yield slightly different results. Some companies love to use ethanol for their extractions and other companies think that CO2 is the best possible way to extract cannabis, but when it comes to getting ripped, it’s pretty hard to beat live resin.

Like we said, if you aren’t chiefing live resin, then you’re missing out big time. Fortunately for you, TRĒ House has your back baby! In this article, we’re going to turn you into a bonafide live resin connoisseur. We want you to be the one your friends come to with questions, your family bugs for advice, and your teachers are impressed by. So how are we going to accomplish this? We’re going to teach you everything you need to know and more.

So, sit back, relax, grab a vape or some gummies, and let’s dig in to the vivacious world of live resin!

What is Live Resin?

There are many different types of live resin out there and TRĒ House makes all of them! Whether you’re on the hunt for Delta 8 live resin, Delta 9 live resin, HHC live resin, THC-O live resin, THC-P live resin, or just about any other form of live resin you can imagine, we have you covered!

Ok, so you know everybody loves live resin and that’s great, but what exactly is live resin, how will it affect you, and how do you get your grubby little paws on some? Let’s take a look…

Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate that is extracted from fresh cannabis by flash-freezing it at extremely low temperatures. Next, a solvent such as butane or any number of other solvents are blasted at the frozen ganja. Finally, the cannabis is pressed and the live resin is fully extracted. Pretty cool right? We definitely think so!

Live Resin Show-Down of The Century

Because live resin is somewhat new to the market, it gets compared to a bunch of different products. We’d like to throw a fit and say this isn’t fair because live resin is in a league of its almost blasphemous to compare it to anything else, but comparing is a great way to learn so we’re going to run with it. 

Get ready for the live resin showdown of the century!

Live Resin vs Distillate

Live resin and distillate THC have very similar effects. They both get you ripped, give you a nice body buzz, and might make you eat all of your roommate’s cookies. The primary difference between these two products is that distillate is typically made without flash-freezing the cannabis before completing extraction. Distillate is also far more commonly seen in tincture form, while live resin is often used in live resin vapes and live resin gummies.

Live Resin vs Live Rosin

Live Rosin and live resin are even more similar than live resin and disitillate. Live rosin is essentially the same thing as live resin. They both are powerful psychotropics, they both taste insanely good, and they’ll both take you to the moon and back.

The primary difference between live resin and live rosin is that there are no solvents used in the extraction of live rosin. Remember, live resin is extracted by taking fresh cannabis and freezing it, applying solvents, then pressing for extraction. Live rosin is made by freezing fresh cannabis, then pressing it.

Cured Resin vs Live Resin

Cured resin and live resin are almost the same things. People tend to prefer the flavor of live resin, but we definitely aren’t knocking the taste of cured resin. It’s just not quite as flavorful as live resin. 

The main difference between live resin and cured resin is not the extraction process. The extraction process is the same for both of these products. The difference lies in what comes after. Once live resin has been extracted, it is used in products. For live resin to become cured resin, it must be aged under very specific circumstances. 

Live Resin Carts vs Normal Carts

Live resin carts and normal carts function in the same exact way, so when you’re using them, you don’t need to worry about treating one differently than the other. They both offer robust clouds of enlightening vapor. They both last about the same duration of time and for the same amount of puffs… So why choose one over the other?

Well, normal carts are fantastic, but if you really want to be a purist and taste the natural flavor profile of cannabis, then you want live resin carts. Again, normal carts get you just as baked and taste incredible, but when it comes to capturing all of the terpenes and natural flavonoids in cannabis, live resin can’t be beat.

How to Use Live Resin

Using live resin is super easy. Whether it’s in the form of a live resin cartridge, a live resin vape pen, or live resin gummies, if you are a space cadet like we assume you are, then you already know how to use this stuff.

If you’re using a live resin vape, we recommend just taking a puff or two to get started. Then wait for about 45 minutes to see how you feel. If you want to get more baked, just take another puff! It’s much easier to get more lit than it is to get unlit, so take it slow at first and work your way up.

The same is true with live resin gummies. Take it slow and increase your serving size once you’re sure that is the way to go. Just start with a single gummy, wait about 45 minutes, and see if you’re way too baked or just right. You can always eat more if you want to keep the party going!

The Best Live Resin Products On The Planet

At TRĒ House, we strive to make the best live resin products on the planet. How do we accomplish this? Well, we start with the finest possible cannabis. All of the cannabis used for our products is grown in the most natural, environmentally-friendly way possible. Starting with cannabis of this quality is hugely important because it is essentially the foundation for everything that comes next.

Once our premium cannabis is fully mature, it is flash-frozen, blasted with solvents, and pressed into the sweetest live resin on the planet! Boom!

Live Resin Carts

Our live resin carts will seriously blow your mind. These babies are packed with a full gram of the dankest live resin imaginable and are available in a variety of cannabinoid and flavor combinations that simply can’t be found anywhere else. On top of that, the quality is so good you’ll wanna slap a Ferrari sticker on that bad boy!

Live Resin Disposable

Yep, we also make insanely good live resin disposable! Carts are awesome, but some people prioritize convenience. For those who want the easiest possible way to get ripped, we’ve developed long-lasting disposables that are truly earth-shattering. With 2 grams of dank cannabinoids, quality components, and 800+ puffs per pen, you really can’t beat our live resin disposable vape pens.

Buy Live Resin at TRĒ House and Prepare to Get Lit!

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