Is THC Syrup Worth the Squeeze? How to Make Dank Drinks With Cannabis Syrup

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Wanna impress even the snobbiest cannabis connoisseur in your circle? Give ’em a sip of our potent THC syrup and let them savor the sweet flavor of a kickin’ cannabis concoction. THC tastemakers know this cannabis creation is the trend to try, so today’s spotlight is on our tasty TRĒ House syrups! Sticky and full of stardust, syrup is a true innovation for the cannabis world and is super easy to enjoy. Never heard of THC in syrup form? That’s totally cool. Just read along to join us on our little syrup space safari!

Cannabis Comparisons: CBD vs. THC

So, first things first, let’s get some vocab out of the way for all our THC and CBD newbs. We’ll spare you the chemistry lesson but suffice it to say, THC is an awesome, naturally occurring substance found in both the cannabis marijuana plant and the hemp plant (albeit, in smaller amounts). CBD is one chill cannabinoid taken from hemp and, unlike its cousin, THC, it won’t give you any mind-altering effects or the munchies. CBD is purely for wellness products and it’s a great cannabinoid to consider when you’re looking for help relaxing or dealing with annoying little aches and pains. THC and all its rowdy friends, like HHC, THC-P and those delightful delta devils, are the stars of the show when it comes to our rockin’ recreational syrups. Those cannabinoids sure know how to party and make some wild cannabis products. CBD is more like the snuggly blanket you nap with after a crazy night out.

THC syrup is a scrumptious way to space travel and a cool new way to experience cannabis. I mean, what could be better than cannabis products that are loaded up with THC and lip-smackin’ sweet flavor? Smoking THC isn’t for everyone (you gotta protect your voice for karaoke) and syrup is a convenient way to enjoy the effects of cannabis without the harshness of smoke inhalation. Plus, if you’re feeling a little naughty, syrup is a sneaky way to enjoy THC that won’t get you in trouble with your apartment’s smoke-detectors or straight-edge roommates. THC syrup is also a super-customizable cannabis option, as you can control how much THC you get when you pour your syrup serving. Personally, I like to start slow and add syrup to my favorite sparkling water to make a sort-of THC syrup spritzer. If you like to load up on sugar, try THC syrup with a lemon-lime soda for a sweet cannabis cocktail. When it comes to THC syrup, the sky’s the limit, so try out a few different ways to find your signature syrup style.

Bussin’ Berry Delta 9+ Syrup

We smooshed an entire cannabis forest, filled with juicy berries and put them in a bottle of THC syrup for you to enjoy. That might not be exactly what happened, but your taste buds won’t care about the details once they start sipping on this dank berry-flavored syrup. Bussin’ Berry Delta 9+ Syrup is packed with 1,000mg of delta-8 and delta-9, so this THC syrup will send you to outer space in the best way possible. In the words of reviewer Cythnia L., when it comes to this syrup, “it was indeed bussin’.”

Purple Stuff HHC Syrup

Purple is the best flavor and we all know it. Blended with pure cane sugar and mind-blowing amounts of HHC, this syrup is as powerful as it is purple. HHC is a beefier version of his cannabinoid brother, THC. HHC is made from naturally occurring THC that’s been extracted and improved with a hydrogenation process. It’s basically THC with an extra hydrogen atom and it will get you stupid baked, especially when it’s in syrup form. When it comes to THC syrup, Purple Stuff/grape is the most standard flavor, so start here if you want to experience syrup products the classic way before branching out to other syrup flavors. If you’re looking for even more purple products, we have a few cannabis strains for you to add to your smokables shopping list. Our galactic Grape Ape Indica Live Resin HHC Vape Pen is another way to get sloshed without syrup, as is our Grape Ape Indica Live Resin HHC Cartridge.

Watermelon Felon Delta 9+ Syrup 

Sip on this criminally good cannabis syrup for the ultimate space flight. It’s like all the good vibes of summer rolled-up into one tasty THC syrup bottle. If you like your syrups with a dash of sweetness and a truckload of THC, this one’s for you! Our Watermelon Felon Delta 9+ Syrup delivers some pretty lit benefits, including a body buzz, head buzz, and even some mildly trippy effects. This far-out THC syrup is as delicious as it is powerful. For those who love all things watermelon (we all know it was the best flavored Jolly Rancher growing up), we also have our Watermelon Zkit Indica HHC Vape Pen. This disposable vape tastes like the classic cannabis strain, Watermelon Zkittles. 

How to Use THC Syrup

Using THC syrup is super-duper easy. Literally, just squeeze and sip. The biggest hurdle you’ll face is how much THC syrup to use for your cannabis cocktail. Definitely start slow with syrup and work your way up. Cannabis enjoyment is meant to be like a marathon, slow and steady, not a sprint (unless that’s your thing). You can add our cannabis syrups to your favorite soda, sparkling water or sip it straight, if that’s your vibe. Who knows, maybe syrup is how you start your cannabis mixologist career! 

Quick and Easy THC Syrup Recipe

Step 1: Add one teaspoon (5ml) of THC syrup to your favorite bevvy 

Step 2: Stir

Step 3: Drink up, Starchild

In the voice of the Spongebob narrator: One hour later …

Step 4: Everything good, Champ? Mission accomplished. Not feeling it? Return to step 1!

Is Syrup Stronger Than THC Edibles?

So, now that you know the ground rules of THC syrup (sip, sip, sip!), let’s talk about its effects. When you smoke THC, its effects are fairly immediate and you’ll feel liftoff in mere minutes versus enjoying THC in syrup form. THC products that you ingest can take between 30 minutes and two hours to kick in (depending on your height, weight, tolerance). Syrups are a little faster, in general, since they’re liquid and are already broken down as they cruise through your digestive tract. Still, definitely wait a bit for blastoff and refrain from chugging extra syrup while you’re waiting for it to kick in (don’t be a rookie!). 

More Tasty Ways to Try THC

Syrups are awesome, smokeless THC products and are a tasty way to enjoy THC. And with 23 servings per bottle, syrup will be the MVP of your next blowout party or group trip. If you want to round out your cannabis collection during your syrup shopping spree, we’ve got plenty of fun THC products for you to try: THC edibles, THC vapes, prerolls packed with flower, CBD + THC gummies, and more. Who doesn’t love to have options?

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