Incredible Edibles: HHC Gummies + HHC Syrup

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HHC is a helluva cannabinoid. Created and extracted from THC compounds and then plussed up with two extra hydrogen molecules, this cannabis-derived powerhouse is an exciting new way to blast off into outer space. We’ve got some tasty ways to experience HHC with our yummy HHC gummies and sweet HHC syrup. Whether you’re an experienced space cadet or a first-time flier, we’ve got you covered when it comes to HHC edibles!

HHC Gummies vs. CBD Gummies

If you’re new to the cannabinoid game, all these acronyms might be giving you a headache. But fear not: the differences between these products are easy to explain! As mentioned, HHC comes from THC, so you can expect to experience some far-out effects with our HHC gummies. HHC, like THC, is psychotropic, so you will most definitely feel it. CBD, on the other hand, is not intoxicating, but it is instead mainly known for its calming and wellness benefits. So, CBD won’t give you a buzz, but HHC sure will! 

If you like THC products that are balanced with CBD, we’ve got a gummy for you! Our Peach Pear Delta 9 Gummies combine delta-9 THC with broad spectrum CBD for a full-body buzz with benefits.

HHC Gummies vs. Delta 9 Gummies

From our HHC and CBD comparison, we move on to our next zen venn diagram with our classic delta 9 gummies. Delta 9 THC is a naturally occurring substance, just like CBD, but unlike CBD, it can be a mind-melter—which is why party people everywhere give THC much due reverence.

HHC gummies and delta 9 gummies are both enjoyed in chewable form (duh, it’s a gummy) and deliver face-melting levels of chill and euphoria. If you’re looking to dabble in both THC and HHC, try our Blue Raspberry Delta 10 Gummies. Each tasty vegan and gluten-free blue gummy combines delta-9 THC, HHC, and delta-10 to get you über baked.

If your preferred method is smoking, we’ve also got disposable delta 9 vape pens and a Rainbow Sherbert Hybrid THC-P cart with your name on it. 

Which HHC Gummy Is for Me?

The great thing about HHC gummies is that they’re discreet. You can’t just spark up anywhere, but you can bring a few gummies in your bag, no problem! HHC gummies are definitely must-try products, even for the most experienced cannasseur. Check out our customer reviews for each gummy to get the scoop on our best-selling products and flavors!

Strawberry Burst HHC Gummies

For those looking to try HHC and only HHC, grab our delicious and powerful Strawberry Burst HHC Gummies. These super strong and scrumptious gummies will give you a head and body buzz for a galactic gummy experience. Just pop one in your mouth to start your epic HHC space journey.

Blue Raspberry Delta-10 HHC Gummies

We touched on this little HHC beauty a few paragraphs ago, but this “best of both worlds” gummy blend deserves a second glance. We blended delta 10 with HHC and delta 9 THC to make one of our most powerful and mouth-watering gummies yet.

Tropic Mango Delta-8 HHC Gummies

Tropic Mango HHC Gummies with delta 8 are magic! Formulated with delta 8, HHC, full-spectrum CBD, and THC-P, these fruity gummies will get you lit. The CBD helps to chill your nerves, while our delta 8, THC and HHC combo gives you a mighty rush. We recommend starting with half of one of our gummies and waiting about an hour to see how you feel. You can always eat more later on, if you’re looking to enter the stratosphere.

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of Gummies?

We still remember the dark ages of homemade THC edibles. You never knew how much THC was in these homemade products or how it was distributed. The good news is that amateur hour is over! Our delta-9 THC products, HHC gummies, disposable vapes, and everything else we sell are all made by professionals (they even wear lab coats!). So, you can count on consistency when it comes to our products. All of our gummies come with the dosage that is listed on their label, so you can be sure of what you’re getting. 

Everyone’s body chemistry is unique, so some people feel the effects of our HHC gummies within 30 minutes or so, while others take a while before experiencing HHC lift-off. We recommend starting slow, so you can get a better sense of how HHC gummies are going to affect you. Start your galactic voyage with just half a serving of our HHC gummies and then wait an hour or so to better assess how HHC feels for you. For some, HHC gummies are stronger than THC gummies and, for others, it’s the opposite. The truth is, you’ll never know until you try, so think of this as a dank science experiment.

Do the Effects of HHC Gummies Last Longer Than Other Cannabinoid-Based Gummies?

Not the answer you’re looking for, but it depends. One thing we can tell you is that the effects of vaping or smoking HHC last far shorter than when you enjoy HHC via gummies and other edibles. The effects of vaping/smoking HHC are usually around one to two hours, while your buzz from HHC gummies and edibles can last anywhere up to six or even eight hours (depending on various bioavailability factors). 

Most people are somewhere in the middle, but plan accordingly if this is your first time trying HHC gummies. There is no evidence that suggests that the effects of HHC gummies will last longer than delta-9 THC gummies. If you’re looking for a shorter space flight, HHC vapes might be ideal for you! 

Dig HHC Gummies, but Wanna Mix It Up? Sip Syrup!

Ready to mix up your HHC gummy game? Get that same HHC buzz you love with our delicious HHC Syrup. Super easy-to-use, these stellar syrups are a great way for you to customize your cannabinoid experience. Just add this HHC syrup to your favorite beverage and sip away. As always, start slow with all HHC products, so you don’t get too deep into outer space too quickly!

Purple Stuff HHC Syrup

Prepare to blast off with our delicious Purple Stuff HHC Syrup. This potent potable (Jeopardy, anyone?) is a must-have for even the most seasoned space explorers. With a 1000mg of powerful HHC, this delectable syrup is dreamy and dank! Just add this purple HHC syrup to your favorite beverage or sip it straight to get ripped.

If you’re a fan of all things purple and HHC products, you should also check out our Grape Ape Indica Live Resin HHC Vape Pen. Disposable vapes are yet another great way to try out HHC! With two grams of powerful live resin HHC, this rechargeable HHC vape is a must-have for the days you wanna puff, puff, pass. 

All Set on HHC Gummies? See More Dank & Diverse Products

Gummies are the perfect way to start your HHC journey, but they’re not the only way! If you want to skip our juicy bites of HHC for vapes or a disposable cart, be our guest! We have sativa and indica-heavy HHC vape pens, if that’s more your thing. And if you’re a hound for hemp flower products, we have HHC-infused hemp flower and premium hemp Kief coated Acapulco Gold HHC Prerolls (so much better than trying to roll on your own).

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