Does Delta 9 THC Get You Baked? (Hint: Of Course, It Does!)

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It’s time for a break. If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a lot of stuff going on at once. And when we want to be able to take a breath and relax and actually get ripped, it’s good to know what all of your options are. Delta-9 THC is the best cannabinoid in the game when it comes to helping you to take a deep breath and chill out (i.e., it totally gets you baked!). There’s a lot of different products and information out there, so it’s important to do your hemp homework to understand all your delta product options before diving in headfirst. But rest assured, Star Pilot, if you want a little something to take the edge off, there’s a THC product for you. If you want something that’ll help you achieve your health and wellness goals, there’s a CBD product option for you. If you want to take something that’ll let you and your friends chill TF out all night long, there’s more than one dank delta product option for you! 

In this article, we’re gonna break down some of the facts and figures of what’s in the various hemp products on the market and help point you in the right direction to get the one that’s going to deliver the blazin’ THC effects you desire. So, let’s begin with a quick primer on the dankest of delta compounds, delta 9 THC.

What Is Delta 9 THC?

Delta-9 THC is a psychoactive compound that can be naturally found in cannabis marijuana (weed) and legal cannabis hemp. In addition to its well-known party properties, delta 9 delivers health benefits, as well, including stress relief, sleep support, and taking the edge off of pain. THC can help stimulate appetite, as well (munchies, anyone?). When someone says “THC,” they’re usually talking about delta-9. When someone says “tetrahydrocannabinol” they’re also usually talking about delta-9 (they’re probably just using extra syllables to impress you). 

Delta-9 products can come in a variety of forms, from delta 9 gummies and delta 9 syrups to delta 9 vape pens and flower. The variety of ways to get that dank delta-9 into your system means that you’ve got a sometimes staggering amount of products to choose from. But don’t let that stop you! What it really means is that there’s a delta-9 product for every person, and for every situation. We’re going to walk through some product options in this post, but if there’s one thing to remember, it’s this: there’s never been a better time to find something to suit your own personal needs.

How Long Does Delta 9 Take to Work?

Let’s use gummies as an example: You’ll usually start feeling the effects of these edibles around 30 to 120 minutes after eating one, as it takes time for the various hemp compounds to make their way into your bloodstream. That means they’re perfect for the beginning of a night out, or on the front side of a chill weekend with friends. Going to a festival? In for a movie marathon? Got a long, slow roll of a dinner? Delta-9’s got your back in every situation you can think of and more. 

Everyone reacts to different products and different dosages a little differently, so find a dank delta darling that sounds fun and give it a try! After all, the road to finding the perfect treat to help you chill out starts with a single gummy or vape puff. Keep an eye on the clock, so you have the best possible understanding of what feels right, and have fun with having fun. 

How Long Does It Take for Delta 9 Effects to Wear Off?

It’s no fun getting on a ride when you don’t know how long it’s going to last, right? One of the great things about delta-9-THC is knowing how long it’ll take to start working, and knowing how long it’ll take to wear off. For most folks, a delta-9 edible will last between six and eight hours (depending on the strength of your product and personal bioavailability factors). But remember: if you take more than the recommended dosage, the effects can last longer and/or end up being more intense than intended, which can potentially harsh your mellow. Let it be a marathon and not a sprint, know what you’re getting into, and have a fantastic time in the groove of these products. 

Cannabis Cousins: THC vs CBD

You may have heard about THC and CBD, and how these hemp heroes have some things in common, but also have a lot of differences. Looking for a quick breakdown on what’s what when it comes to these cannabis cousins? We got you. 

CBD (or “cannabidiol,” if we’re being formal about it) is a molecular compound produced by the cannabis plant. While the cannabis plant makes over one hundred different types of these compounds (known as “cannabinoids”), CBD and THC are the best known—and for good reason! CBD’s main differentiation is that it’s not a psychoactive compound, which means that it doesn’t get you baked. CBD’s effects on the body are more health and wellness oriented. The human body’s got something called the endocannabinoid system, a cell-signaling system wired into the organs and systems of your body, helping them to maintain balance. CBD boosts the performance of this system, delivering several wellness benefits in the process. CBD has calming effects, as well, which make it great for easing stress and for use in natural sleep aids. 

If you’re looking for something to take the edge off and get you a little baked, THC is gonna be your boi. If you’re looking for something that’s not going to get you baked, but will help achieve a stronger balance and wellness in your body, CBD may be the answer. Can’t decide between dank delta 9 and CBD? Try our Tropic Mango Delta 9 + CBD Gummies, with 10mg each of delta 9 THC and full spectrum CBD per gummy! 

What Is the Difference Between Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid that’s related delta-9 THC. Delta-8 is a psychoactive compound, and the simplest way to think of it is a gentler buzz than you’ll find with delta-9 THC. It’ll still get you baked, but not quite as much. But just because something’s a little less potent doesn’t mean it’s not a substance with some kick. 

There’s a lot of research and work still being done on delta-8 THC, but the biggest takeaway is that it’s still a regulated substance, even though it’s one that’s a bit more mellow in terms of mind-melting effects. Some people have talked about delta-8 as a great way to take it easy—it can be nice to put it in a lower gear for a little while. But whether you’ve tried lots of cannabinoids and you’re experimenting with a gentler dosage; or you’re swimming up the delta for the first time, getting delta-8 can be an easier way into the world of THC. 

It’s never a bad time for a little experimentation, so don’t hesitate to check out a product like our high-potency Blue Raspberry Delta 8 Gummies, and see what works best for you. You may just end up finding a new favorite party pal! 

Kickin’ Cannabinoid Effects: How Potent Are Delta 9 Gummies?

Delta 9 gummies are super-potent, last a long time, taste amazing, and deliver a space-worthy buzz. Pay close attention to the dosage in what you’re eating. As you might guess, 10mg of THC is going to have a stronger kick than 5mg of THC. It’ll take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours for the effects to kick in, so be patient when you pop one of these bad bois. And remember, THC-infused gummies (and other edibles) stick in your system for a while, so you’ll be feeling super-lifted for upwards of six to eight hours off of a single dose! Not bad for such a little guy. 

If you’re ready to climb about the Starship THC, we have a variety of legal edibles to get you to the next galaxy: Blue Raspberry Delta 9 Gummies, Mango Delta 9 Gummies, and Strawberry Delta 9 Gummies. Each of these dank delights delivers 10mg of dank D9 THC per serving! Or, enjoy the Entourage Effect with multiple cannabis compounds pumping up each other’s effects in our Blue Raspberry Delta 10 Gummies with HHC and Delta 9!

What About Other THC Products?

Our elevated line of legal THC products doesn’t stop here. We also have two heavy-hitting delta 9 syrups that will send you straight into orbit. Both our Bussin’ Berry Delta 9+ Syrup and our Watermelon Felon Delta 9+ Syrup deliver a 1000mg THC combo of delta 8 and delta 9.

We’ve also got multiple THC vape options, including THC vape pens and THC carts. THC vape products hit the system quickly, since the THC is going straight into the lungs. So, within a matter of minutes, you’ll be feeling those sweet delta effects. A couple of quick puffs of our Pineapple Express Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Pen will send you spaceward nice and fast, so take two and puff-puff-pass with your friends. As with our other delta 9 THC vape pens, all of our THC pens are the top of the line delta THC products, made with top-shelf hemp for the ultimate THC experience.

THC Product Comparison Chart

Here’s a handy comparison chart for our legal THC products and their effects.

Type of THC productFeel the effects in …*Effects last …*
THC gummy products30 minutes to two hoursSix to eight hours
THC syrups30 to 45 minutesSix to eight hours
THC vape productsJust a few minutesOne to two hours

*All times are approximate. THC, CBD, CBN, and other hemp compounds affect everyone differently.

Final Thoughts on High-Flyin’ Delta 9 THC

As you’ve learned, delta 9 is the big daddy of all THC compounds, with high-flying delta effects that will get you lifted AF! Whether you grab a delta-powered gummy, a blazin’ THC pen, or a mind-melting delta-9 syrup, you can always find the product you need at TRĒ House! 

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