Is Delta-8 Enough to Get You Baked?

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Get hyped on one of hemp’s top cannabinoids, delta-8 THC! This cosmic compound can be experienced with mind-bending gummies, vapes, prerolls, and more. Delta-8 THC harvested from legal cannabis can definitely get you baked with its uplifting psychotropic effects. If you’re interested in blasting off with this buzzy cannabinoid, you’re in the right place! Just read below to see how delta-8 can enhance your next trip around the moon!

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Once upon a time, all hemp products were illegal (😢). It was a sad time, but this bleak era ended with the federal 2018 Farm Bill, which made products made or derived from hemp legal (with a few stipulations, ofc). As a result, the cannabis industry went straight to work to craft dank and delicious legal cannabis products for all to enjoy. One of the best cannabinoids harvested from hemp, in our humble opinion, is delta-8 THC. This recreational hemp product delivers similar effects to delta 9 THC. Some space cadets seek out delta-8 THC over delta 9 THC as it can give a more mild space flight and help them to sidestep some of the more tricky side effects that can come with other cannabinoids. It’s hard to say exactly how delta-8 THC will land for you. It really depends on the strength of the dose you take and your personal body chemistry. If you’re a legal cannabis Cinderella searching for the dream cannabinoid that fits your needs perfectly, we highly recommend you add delta-8 THC into your rotation. After all, it might be your cannabis Prince Charming!

CBD vs Delta-8

Hemp not only produces delta-8 THC, it’s also abundant with CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid sought out across the galaxy for its health and wellness benefits. CBD, found in both types of cannabis plants, can help with relaxation, falling asleep faster, and minimizing small aches and pains. Unlike delta-8 THC, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning CBD can be taken daily for wellness and won’t impair you in any way (other than some calming effects). Similar to delta-8 THC, CBD can be enjoyed with gummies, vape pens, and more. 

If you’re interested in seeing how you can benefit from CBD and THC, we have some tempting options for you to try! Get a little taste of CBD with 3mg of full-spectrum CBD per serving in our Tropic Mango Delta-8 Gummies. These potent and mouthwatering mango gummies are packed with HHC, delta-8 THC, THC-P, and CBD, making it one wild buffet of cannabinoids. Looking for an even higher dose of CBD per serving? You can get baked in a more balanced way with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and delta 9 THC with our potent Peach Pear Delta 9 Gummies.

Is Delta-8 a Sativa or Indica?

New to cannabis? We thought that might be the case. You may have heard the terms sativa and indica, and might wonder how that might factor into selecting a delta-8 THC product. But take a deep breath, this one is an easy cannabis question to answer! Sativa and indica are two types of cannabis. Sativa is generally seen as more uplifting and energizing than indica, which is more relaxing and suitable for nighttime use. In theory, delta-8 can be harvested from either a sativa or indica plant, so choose your own adventure!

Delta 8 THC vs Delta 9 THC

So, what’s the big difference between delta-8 THC and delta 9 THC? While both are recreational cannabinoids, some find the experience of delta-8 THC to be milder than delta-9 THC. Again, this can be different from person to person.

Delta-8 THC products aren’t quite as regulated in many states, where delta 9 THC is treated as marijuana, even if the product in question is hemp derived. As always, research your local laws to make sure you can enjoy our dank and delectable products without being put into space jail.

If you’re interested in maximum takeoff with hemp-derived products, look for products that blend multiple cannabinoids together, like delta-8 THC, delta 9 THC, delta 10 THC, HHC, and THC-P. When multiple cannabinoid compounds are put together in one product, the Entourage Effect occurs. The Entourage Effect is the phenomenon in which multiple cannabinoids compound each other’s effects, resulting in a more potent and powerful recreational experience. 

Explore deep space with dank legal cannabis! If you’re looking for a little preview of your space flight with delta-8 or delta 9 THC, just read below.

Is Delta-8 or 9 Stronger?

We touched on this earlier, but most cannabis space cadets find products with delta 9 THC to be stronger than delta-8 products. While that may be true for many, your experience will depend on how your body reacts with each cannabinoid and the strength of THC in the dose. If you’re new to THC, delta-8 is a great place to start, so you can get your bearings before you go full throttle into another galaxy. We also offer products that blend delta-8 and delta 9 THC for a heavenly combination.

Which Delta Is the Strongest?

If we were to rank delta-8, delta 9 THC, and delta 10 THC for the potency of their effects, the number one spot would go to delta 9 THC, followed by delta-8, and then delta 10 THC. All three of these compounds are delightful on their own and devilishly good when combined.

Does Delta-8 Get You Baked Without Anxiety?

We all know someone who ate their weight in cannabis gummies one time and fell into a black hole. That’s definitely not chill, but it is almost completely avoidable. If you’re nervous about experiencing paranoid effects from cannabis, delta-8 might be a good place for you to start. Its milder effects can be ideal for those with lower cannabis tolerances. As always, start slow and use less than the recommended dose for any new THC product. Then, you can slowly add or subtract how much THC you consume the next time you enjoy your product and avoid any unwanted side effects.

Excellent Edibles

Who doesn’t love yummy gummies? These easy-to-use cannabis products are as dank as they are delicious. If you’re interested in chowing down on some delta-8 THC, we have some premium products for you to pop into your mouth. 

For the delta-8 THC purist, we have our Strawberry Delta-8 Gummies and Mango Delta-8 Gummies. These dank-o-riffic delta-8 gummies are made with all-natural ingredients and will get you baked like a birthday cake with 25mg of delta-8 per serving. Looking for something, ahem, stronger? Get blazed with our Blue Raspberry Delta-8 Gummies, These high-potency gummies are packed with 100mg of delta-8 THC per serving, giving you one helluva ride around the stars.

Cosmic Carts and Dank Delta 8 Vapes

Devilish delta-8 is perfect for vaping! Make every day a cosmic celebration with our Ice Cream Cake Indica Live Resin Delta-8 Vape Pen. This rechargeable delta 8 vape pen comes with 2 grams of highly potent live resin delta-8 THC and will give you an uplifting head and body buzz. Want to try out the Entourage Effect for yourself? Load up on delta-8, delta 9 THC, delta 10 THC, HHC, and THC-P with our Candy Land Live Resin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pen for one powerful puff.

Already have your own kit? Sounds like you could use a dank delta-8 cart! Just twist on our dreamy Gelato Live Resin Delta-8 Cartridge for a dank delta-8 dessert you can inhale! Prefer a more energetic vibe? Enjoy the rush of our Green Crack Sativa Live Resin Delta 8 THC Cart.

THC Tips From Seasoned Space Explorers

Getting baked is an art form, if we do say so ourselves. Become the Picasso of delta-8 products with these handy tips and tricks to enhance your next legal cannabis expedition.

Does Delta-8 Take Forever to Kick In?

When it comes to gummies and edibles, you can anticipate it taking anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to feel the full effects of your delta-8 edible (this is true of all THC and CBD edibles). It depends on the dosage, your individual THC tolerance, and body chemistry. When it comes to delta-8 THC vapes, delta-8 carts, and delta-8 prerolls, you should start to feel liftoff instantly or in just a few minutes. Keep in mind that edibles take longer to kick in, but the effects last much longer than vapes.

How to Avoid Unwanted Side Effects

Slow and steady wins the space race! If you’re trying out new THC products, always start with less than the recommended dose so you can coast into the cosmos. Then, the next time you want to enjoy your THC item, you can add or subtract the amount you enjoy to customize your perfect space flight.

In conclusion, we can say with complete certainty that delta-8 will most definitely get you baked. Our five-star formulations are made by experts who know how to craft potent and powerful cannabinoid creations that will send you to the moon and back in just a bite or puff. If you’re looking to load up for your next space adventure, be sure to stock your stash with our entire collection of THC products. Happy space travels!

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