What Does Delta 9 THC Mean?

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The world of cannabis-based products has gone through a lot of changes in recent years, and if you’re relatively new to cannabis country, you probably could stand a few explanations. No worries; that’s what we’re here for. To start with, you’re probably seeing “delta this” and “delta that” and wondering, “What does all this delta stuff mean?” Let’s get the biggest cannabis query out of the way: Delta-9 THC is one of two major cannabis compounds, known as cannabinoids (along with CBD). Delta-9 is also the one known for its intoxicating effects (i.e. it gets you lit AF!). 

So, let’s start with some basics about THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Note: there may be some actual science thrown in along the way, and you can feel free to skip over it if you want. On the other hand, it’s useful to impress your cannabis compadres with the depth of your delta knowledge. 

What’s Up With All These Different Types of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)?

This bit is the science-y part. THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol, if you want to be formal) is the primary psychotropic compound in cannabis. In other words, it’s what gets you baked. While delta-9 used to be simply called THC (say it again, “tetrahydrocannabinol”), when more scientific research started being done into cannabis, researchers found multiple different THC isomers, which are molecules that are identical, chemically, but differ in how exactly they’re physically put together. All of these THC isomers have a double-bond somewhere along their chain of carbon atoms, either at the 8th, 9th, 10th, or 11th position on the chain. Since “delta” is frequently used in science to describe the difference between two items, it totally makes sense that these different types of THC would be called delta 8, delta 9, delta 10, and delta 11, right? Of all of these, delta-9 THC is the most common, which is a good thing, for reasons we’ll touch on next. 

What’s the Strongest Delta Version of THC?

Delta 11 THC is the most psychotropically active THC isomer, but it’s also the rarest and most difficult (and expensive) THC isomer to extract. Luckily, delta-9 THC is a close second in terms of cannabinoid effects, which is nice, since it’s also the most abundant THC isomer and the easiest to tease out of the cannabis plant. Plus, delta-9 is the THC type that has the classic vibe when you just want to get baked. Just for completeness’ sake, delta 10 THC is next on the list in terms of effects, with delta 8 THC having the mildest psychotropic effects of all these cannabis cousins. This isn’t to say that they all won’t help you find that lit mind state you’re after, but if you want that classic buzz, delta 9 THC is definitely the way to go. 

Cannabinoid Effects: THC vs. CBD

We mentioned that delta-9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the primary active component of cannabis. CBD (cannabidiol) is the other so-called major cannabinoid (that is, most abundant in cannabis). But while delta-9 THC’s effects will light you up like a bottle rocket, CBD is primarily a health and wellness-boosting cannabis compound with calming effects. 

Both delta-9 THC and CBD can be found in marijuana and hemp, the high and low-THC forms of cannabis (respectively). Our dank delta products are all made from hemp, and not marijuana.

Thanks to the passage of the Farm Bill of 2018, cannabis hemp, which is biologically the same plant as marijuana, was made federally legal, though it is still regulated by individual states (so check local regulations first, which is pretty much always a good idea, no matter what you’re doing). 

What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? The former type of cannabis must contain less than 0.3% THC by weight, and legal products derived from hemp cannabis are held to those same weight standards. So, don’t ever say that your government has never done anything for you.

The good news is that hemp derived delta can hit you just as hard as marijuana derived THC. It’s not about where the delta-9 THC came from, it’s about how much delta-9 is in your THC product. 

How Is Delta-9 THC Produced From Cannabis?

Another slightly science-y warning (hey, we told you there’d be some): There are a couple of general methods used for isolating delta 9 THC from cannabis hemp. One uses a purely chemical process called “isomerization,” which actually manipulates the THC compounds. Products made by this process are often referred to as “hemp-derived.” 

The other process, considered more natural, as it doesn’t alter the resulting cannabinoids, is referred to as a “hemp-extracted” process. TRĒ House delta 9 THC starts with nothing but natural hemp oil and uses a rigorously controlled and tested proprietary process that results in a residue-free extraction.

Can You Fly With Delta-9 THC?

Certainly, you can fly aboard Delta-9 Airlines—and without ever leaving the ground—but that’s not really what you’re asking here, is it? As with so many things in life, the honest answer is somewhere between “yes,” “it depends,” and “definitely not.” On a federal level, yes, you can fly with legal amounts of delta-9 THC. The catch here is that you need to be flying from a state where delta 9 isn’t legally restricted to a state where the same delta-9 laws are in place. As long as both your departure and arrival destinations meet that criteria, enjoy your trip. But, as we mentioned above, it’s a good idea to check local regulations, just to be sure carrying delta-9 isn’t going to get you in trouble. When it comes to packing delta-9 THC, when in doubt, leave it out!

How Long Does Delta-9 THC Stay in My System?

While we’re on the topic of “it depends,” this is a logical next stop. In a world where sometimes your job or other vital life tasks can depend on your ability to pee into a bottle, and sometimes even legal things are frowned upon by the powers that be, knowing for sure that you’ll test clean is a good thing. And, regardless of its legality, delta-9 THC will show up on a drug test, because drug tests aren’t (yet) smart enough to recognize anything other than the signs that your body has metabolized some THC, whether THC that comes from weed or not. 

How long delta-9 is detectable depends on several factors: how regularly you indulge in that dank delta, how much delta-9 you dose, and what kind of test it is. One key thing to remember is that delta-9 THC can be stored in fat cells, so the more you indulge, the longer it can take for the THC to clear out of your system. Hey, it’s a good excuse for maintaining a workout regimen, if you need one.

Here’s a handy chart to help you understand the various drug tests that screen for marijuana and THC, in particular. 

Test TypeOccasional Use: Up to 3 Times a WeekModerate Use: DailyHeavy Use: Multiple Times a Day
Blood1–2 Days2–3 DaysUp to 25 Days
UrineUp to 3 Days5–7 Days15–30 Days or More
Saliva1–3 Days3–7 DaysUp to 29 Days
HairUp to 90 DaysUp to 90 DaysUp to 90 Days

*Drug test results may vary for a number of reasons, including personal bioavailability factors as well as the strength and type of THC products you’re using.

Shop Delta-9 Products at TRĒ House

Delta-9 THC, as we discussed above, well deserves its reputation as the most iconic cannabis compound. This single component of cannabis is responsible for millennia of mellow vibes. Methods of ingestion have changed with the times, and today there are more options than ever before for copping that tetrahydrocannabinol buzz. So, whether you vape, go the gummy route or want some syrup you can chill out with, you’ll find your ideal cannabis product in our dank delta collection.

In today’s market for cannabis products, quality is king, and well it should be. At TRĒ House, we’ve dug into the science of cannabis to develop a line of delta-9 options that will not just get you buzzed, but provide a totally unique experience that goes beyond the norm. 

TRĒ House cannabis products use carefully curated combinations of cannabinoids to deliver that one-of-a-kind buzz. Because we want you to go beyond the average THC experience, we created balanced cannabinoid blends that get you baked in ways you could have only dreamed of until now. So, when you shop delta-9, always ride with TRĒ House!

TRĒ House was founded by experts who all have serious levels of experience in the cannabis game. We make sure our delta-9 THC cannabis products reflect our dual commitments to absolute perfection and to helping you get your zoom on. In fact, we could go on all day about how amazing delta-9 and our delta-9 products are, but we’d rather get you up to speed on what’s available in our legal cannabis collection. In this kickin’ cannabis collection overview, we’ll introduce you to each of our incredible delta-9 products, tell you why they’re so great, and dig a little into what effects you might expect to experience when using them.

Delta-9 Gummies

If THC gummies are your choice for flight, you’ll dig our collection of chewable delta-9 products! These spacetastic cannabis chews are all crafted with unique combinations of cannabinoids, amazing flavor profiles, and an astoundingly absurd level of quality.

Whether you’re just getting your pilot’s license or ready to blast off for the moon, you’re going to love the range of choices we have lined up for you! THC gummies are one of our favorite things, and a great way to chill, wherever you are. Whether you like to slowly dissolve them in your mouth or chew away, the blast of fruit flavors make for a great start to blasting off to a fun afternoon (or evening, or morning).

If you want to see how amazingly awesome our delta-9 gummies are, head over to the collection page and get ready to get stoked (in more ways than one)! Choose from Blue Raspberry Delta-9 Gummies, Mango Delta-9 Gummies, and Strawberry Delta-9 Gummies, as well as THC gummies blending delta-9 THC with CBD and other delta compounds!

Delta-9 Vape Pens

Unlike how the Three Little Pigs saw the Big Bad Wolf, when it comes to delta-9 THC, huffing and puffing is a good thing, and it doesn’t get better than TRĒ House delta-9 vape pens. Offering the perfect balance of THC potency, convenience, and long life, our powerful delta-9 THC pens are packed with a unique blend of cannabinoids, including delta 8 THC, delta-9 THC, delta 10 THC, and THC-P. These combos are truly unique, and all serve as the launchpad that sends you on a personal tour of the cosmos. After all, why get baked on only one form of THC when you can puff a boutique blend of potent psychotropic cannabinoids?

If you’re looking for some truly premium THC vapes, these formulations will provide the buzzy THC effects you’ve been craving!

Delta-9 Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pens

Delta-9 THC is atop our list of wonderful things, and delta-9 live rosin pushes its effects up an extra rung or two. This is one of our favorite THC extracts! Crafted from top-quality legal cannabis by flash-freezing the plant immediately after harvest and keeping it frozen throughout the duration of the extraction process, delta-9 live rosin traps in the tasty cannabis terpenes while reducing the degradation of psychotropic compounds. The end result is a super-tasty cannabis extract that delivers super-powerful effects.

We’ve included live rosin delta-9 THC in our Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pens so you can blast off to the same incredible experience that we’ve come to love. These potent THC pens are available in a plethora of different flavors and allow you to experience legal cannabis effects in ways you’ve never dreamt of before. So, take your delta-9 THC experience to new heights, with this unique formulation.

Delta-9 Carts

Delta-9 vape carts are seriously convenient and, at TRĒ House, we like to think we make the best! Our delta-9 THC carts are packed with unique cannabis compound blends that get you slamming more than a ’90s mosh pit (we speak from experience and have the scars to prove it!). Our delta-9 THC carts get you as baked as Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, but they also taste just as good! If you’re a fan of classic cannabis strains and love them with a bouquet of fruity goodness, then you’ve got to try our Rainbow Sherbet THC Cart. This little sucker provides you with the dank delta-9 effects you were going for, all with the sweet, creamy taste of rainbow sherbet.

So, What Are You Waiting for, Star Pilot?

In this article, we’ve schooled you on THC (quick, pronounce “tetrahydrocannabinol”!), helped you separate your delta-9 from other delta desperados, and we’ve even introduced you to our vast array of dank delta products. We’re sure, once you’ve tried our delta-9 products and experienced their effects, you’ll be back for more … well, after you return from orbit!

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