Is HHC Stronger Than Delta 9?

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Strap in for another top-shelf THC experience! HHC is one of the hottest cannabinoids on the market and it’s guaranteed to give you one helluva ride. HHC can be enjoyed just like delta 9 THC with vapes, gummies, and flower. While HHC products might be a teeny-tiny bit milder than pure delta 9 THC, it’s still a high-voltage psychoactive compound that’ll send you to the moon and back. If you’re interested in adding another incredible cannabinoid to your legal cannabis stash, it’s time you meet HHC.

What Is HHC?

HHC is another chill cannabinoid harvested from the heavenly hemp plant. The HHC journey starts after delta 9 THC is extracted from hemp. From there, our green geniuses in lab coats add two more hydrogen atoms to delta 9 THC to create our hero, HHC. As HHC comes from hemp-derived delta 9 THC, it’s far more accessible to space cadets than delta 9 THC from marijuana and, best of all, the effects of HHC are super similar to delta 9 THC, since they share a similar chemical structure. Simply put, if you enjoy blasting off with delta 9, you’ll definitely love HHC!

Is HHC Psychoactive?

Um, YES. HHC is a recreational cannabinoid, just like delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10, so you can count on some pretty potent effects when you consume it with gummies, vapes, carts, and more. Your experience with HHC will be an individual one, as its potency varies with your individual body chemistry. Some legal cannabis consumers experience mood elevation, feelings of relaxation, and a head and body buzz when enjoying HHC. You’ll have to send us a postcard during your HHC space trip to let us know how HHC was for you!

Is HHC Stronger Than CBD?

HHC is most definitely stronger than CBD, but that’s an unfair competition. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Found abundantly in hemp, this health and wellness-boosting cannabis compound can help you unwind, minimize minor pain, and help you sleep better. CBD can be taken daily in the form of CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD vapes, and more. If you’re interested in combining the therapeutic effects of CBD with THC and HHC, we’ve got you covered! Give your hardworking brain a vacation with our Tropic Mango Delta 8 Gummies. These scrumptious little squares are like a cannabis cruise ship buffet with delta 8 THC, HHC, CBD, and THC-P in every bite. Prefer your CBD gummies to have a more streamlined cannabinoid combination? Pop one of our mouthwatering Peach Pear Delta 9 Gummies. These vegan and gluten-free gummies feature 10mg of delta 9 THC and 10mg of CBD per serving to get you fantastically faded.

Delta 9 THC vs HHC

Trying to deliberate on the dankness of delta 9 THC vs HHC? Well, the good news is that both delta 9 THC and HHC are two recreational cannabinoids that can be derived from hemp to create legal cannabis products that are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Both HHC and delta 9 THC can be enjoyed with gummies, vape products, prerolls, and a ton of other delightful products. Generally, delta 9 THC is seen as having more potent effects than HHC, but there are a ton of products out there that combine these two cannabinoids to create a dank dream team. Both HHC and delta 9 THC can be enjoyed on their own or blended with other cannabinoids, like delta 8 and delta 10, for an out-of-this-world experience.

Is HHC a Sativa or Indica?

HHC is the “have it your way” of cannabinoids. HHC can be combined with indica, sativa, or hybrid cannabis strains. It just depends on the HHC products you buy! For those who need a refresher, sativa and indica are two types of cannabis. Sativa is more uplifting and energizing, making it perfect for daytime space travel, while indica is more relaxing, making it better suited for night flights to the moon.

Is HHC the Same as K2?

Not even close! K2 is a synthetic cannabinoid, meaning, it does not occur naturally and it is made only in a lab. HHC is created from hemp-derived delta 9 THC. K2 was invented to mimic the psychotropic effects of delta 9 THC, but since its debut in 2008, it has fallen out of favor and is now illegal in most states. Many concerns have been raised about K2 and the lack of safety oversight for K2 products. Here at TRĒ House, all of our incredible (and legal) HHC and THC products undergo third-party lab testing to ensure your safety!

It’s THC Trophy Time!

Is HHC stronger than delta 8 THC? Are HHC’s effects stronger than delta 10 THC? We always get asked how these cosmic cannabinoids compare to each other, and without trying to sound like a PR spin machine, we have to admit they’re all pretty great. We wish we could give each cannabinoid a crown or at least an appreciation plaque. If you’re looking to see how HHC fits in with the other popular cannabinoids, like THC-P, delta 9 THC, delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC, just read below!

What’s Stronger Than Delta-8?

Don’t sleep on delta 8 THC! This hemp cannabinoid will get you baked like a chocolate cake when enjoyed in the form of vape products, gummies, and more. Delta 8 THC offers a tamer space flight, making it an ideal cannabinoid for newer space explorers or those looking for a milder moonshot. Generally, THC P and delta 9 THC are experienced as being more potent than delta 8 THC. It’s important to note that everyone will experience each cannabinoid differently, depending on their personal body chemistry, so don’t gobble down a bottle of delta 8 THC gummies blindly. Slow and steady wins the race!

What Gets You More Baked: Delta 8 or HHC?

Let’s break it down. When comparing milligrams to milligrams, generally, most people find delta 8 THC to have more potent effects than HHC. However some find HHC to be stronger than delta 8 THC, so it’s hard to give a definitive answer. It’s also important to note that not all products are created equally. For example, gummies with 5mg of delta 8 THC per serving are not going to be stronger than a bottle of gummies with 100mg of HHC per serving. With this uncertainty, we invite you to conduct your own delta 8 THC and HHC experiment and let us know which one launches you farther out into space!

Does HHC Feel Like Delta 9 THC?

Since HHC has such a similar chemical structure to delta 9 THC, you can count on having a very similar experience when you enjoy delta 9 products. With HHC, you can expect to feel an uplifting head buzz and body buzz. 

Is HHC or D9 Stronger?

This one we can answer straight up. Delta 9 THC is stronger than HHC and produces more potent effects. When you combine the two, however, is when the real magic happens. 😈

Is Delta-8 or 10 Better Than HHC?

So, if by “better,” you mean “more potent,” delta 8 THC is the strongest of the three. In second place is HHC, followed by delta 10 THC. Each of these cannabinoids offers a fun space voyage on its own, but when they’re combined in products, you get to experience the Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect is when multiple cannabinoids are present in a product and intensify each other’s effect, giving you a more full-throttled trip around the cosmos.

What Is the Strongest Cannabinoid? Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, THC-P, or HHC?

Drumroll, please! When it comes to the cannabinoid strongman competition, there can only be one winner, and that is THC-P. A natural counterpart of THC, this cannabinoid is often experienced as having more intense effects than delta 9 THC (milligram for milligram). If you’re looking to get ripped, definitely consider adding this THC titan to your shopping list. You can experience all of these delta devils at the same time with a puff from our Pineapple Express Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Pen. Packed with delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, delta 10 THC, HHC, and THC-P, this popular vape pen will melt your brain in the best way possible.

Get Hyped on These HHC Products

Congratulations! You officially completed HHC 101. While we can’t give you a degree in dankness, we can invite you to our unofficial HHC tasting seminar. All you need are some HHC products—and it wouldn’t hurt to have some chips on standby, just in case those munchies mean business!

HHC Gummies

Let’s start with some galactic gummies. We love them for their ease of use and let’s be honest, the less thinking we have to do these days, the better. Simply pop one in your mouth to get the HHC party started. If you’re new to HHC, we highly recommend you start with our Strawberry Burst HHC Gummies. These stupid-delicious gummies put the spotlight on HHC with 25mg of HHC per serving. Once you’ve gotten the hang of just HHC, try our Blue Raspberry Delta 10 + HHC Gummies to experience delta 10 THC, HHC, and delta 9 THC all in one bite!

HHC Vapes and Carts

Alright, so you’ve checked off HHC gummies from your must-try list. It’s time to move into HHC vapes and HHC carts! Dank disposables are one of the best ways to experience HHC. If you’re looking for an all-in-one banger, try our Forbidden Fruit Live Rosin Vape Pen. This sinfully delicious vape blends powerful delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, delta 10 THC, HHC, and THC-P all in the same puff. Like to pucker up when you puff? Try our Sour Tangie Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pen. Packed with heavy hitters, delta 8, delta 9, delta 10, HHC, and THC-P, this best-seller features zero additives and two grams of live rosin liquid diamonds. If you’re ready to be blown away by two grams of pure HHC, try our Mimosa Live Resin HHC Vape Pen. Our more practiced hemp-heads probably have their own kit and are more interested in HHC carts than a vape pen. If that’s the case, pop on our Watermelon Zkit HHC Cart or our Grape Ape Indica Live Resin HHC Cartridge.

HHC Prerolls

Vapes and carts aren’t the only way to inhale heavenly HHC! We’ve also got our kief-coated Acapulco Gold HHC Prerolls. With half a gram of HHC-infused hemp flower in each bottle, this dank darling is a must for anyone who misses sparking up the old-fashioned way.

HHC Syrup

The sky’s the limit when it comes to HHC products! Not only can you enjoy HHC with vapes, carts, prerolls, and gummies, we’ve also got HHC syrup. What the heck is HHC syrup? It’s all that galactic goodness of HHC in one syrupy-sweet serving. Just add our Purple Stuff HHC Syrup to your favorite lemon-lime soda or sparkling water for one dank drank. Just remember to sip slowly!

Planning Ahead for Your HHC and THC Experience

Just a smidge of planning ahead can make a world of difference with your HHC products. It’s important to start slowly when trying out new HHC products, so you can avoid any unwanted side effects. Start your HHC space exploration with less than the suggested dose and then add or subtract how much you take the next time you enjoy your HHC products to customize your experience!

How Long Does HHC Last?

When it comes to HHC gummies and edibles, you can count on feeling their buzzy effects for around six to eight hours. With HHC vapes and prerolls, you can expect the experience to last anywhere from one to two hours. Here’s a helpful chart to review so you can plan your HHC space voyage!

Type of HHC ProductYou’ll feel it in…*The effects should last*
HHC Gummies30 minutes to 120 minutes6 to 8 hours
HHC Vape ProductsJust a few minutes1 to 2 hours
HHC Syrup30 to 45 minutes6 to 8 hours

*All times are approximate. THC, HHC, and other hemp compounds affect everyone differently.

Dive Into Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 & More!

Hemp, hemp, hooray! We have an absurd amount of dank delta products and magic mushrooms for you to add to your legal cannabis and mushie stash. Whether you’re looking for delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, delta 10 THC, or HHC, we have plenty of potent products for you to try. High-flying HHC is definitely worth a sesh, even for the most die-hard delta 9 devotee. We have no doubt that HHC will have your heart in no time!

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