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THC for Seniors: What to Do When Pop-Pop Asks for a Cannabis Edible You are about to enter another dimension. The year is 2023 and now seniors use cannabis daily. You’ve just crossed over into … the THC Twilight Zone.  Gone are the days where older people were scandalized by cannabis. The seniors of this country have done a real 180 when it comes to their takes on […] Learn More
HHC Gummies - High Potency - Strawberry Burst Incredible Edibles: HHC Gummies + HHC Syrup HHC is a helluva cannabinoid. Created and extracted from THC compounds and then plussed up with two extra hydrogen molecules, this cannabis-derived powerhouse is an exciting new way to blast off into outer space. We’ve got some tasty ways to experience HHC with our yummy HHC gummies and sweet HHC syrup. Whether you’re an experienced […] Learn More
Delta 8 + HHC + THC-0 Gummies - Tropic Mango Delicious, Danktastic Delta 8 Edibles Gummies this, gummies that. Gummies for sleep. Gummies for health. Gummies with vitamins. Gummies shaped like Norwegian fish, dinosaurs, whatever. Sure, all these gummies are great. Splendid? You betcha! But there’s one gummy missing! Where are the gummies for dank AF vibes?! Well, by infusing our edibles with decadent delta 8 (a rising all-star hemp-derived […] Learn More
acapulco gold Blazers, Let’s Roll! THC Prerolls & Cannabis Pre Rolls Don’t you just love when things are easy? Prerolls make enjoying legal cannabis hemp super simple and convenient. We might be biased, but that first drag from a pre-roll is truly cosmic. As fellow travelers, we can confirm that enjoying a cannabis pre-roll is like a manual way to realign your chakras. So, with that […] Learn More
TreHouse category background syrup Is THC Syrup Worth the Squeeze? How to Make Dank Drinks With Cannabis Syrup Wanna impress even the snobbiest cannabis connoisseur in your circle? Give ’em a sip of our potent THC syrup and let them savor the sweet flavor of a kickin’ cannabis concoction. THC tastemakers know this cannabis creation is the trend to try, so today’s spotlight is on our tasty TRĒ House syrups! Sticky and full […] Learn More

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