Delta 10 THC: The Good, The Bad, and The Baked

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Welcome to the wild world of Delta 10! This powerful cannabinoid is making some big waves in the THC industry and some speculate that it could surpass CBD in popularity. That might sound like some pretty big talk about a cannabinoid that you might never have heard of, but once you know a bit more about D10, you’ll be rushing to pick some up.

If you like getting baked, buzzed, or blitzed, then you’re going to love Delta 10. This compound gets you faded in a familiar but completely unique way. It is available in a wide variety of products and is so MF awesome that we can’t stop talking about it.

You might not be hip to D10 yet, but trust us, this is a cannabinoid you definitely want to be familiar with! In this article, we are going to take you on an adventure into the belly of the beast. We will teach you everything you need to know about what D10 is, why it gets you ripped, and even introduce you to a few awesome products.

Love THC but want to try something different? Then it’s time to get on board with D10!

Introducing Delta 10!

Hello, this is your new bestie, Delta 10. We’d like the two of you to become familiar because we believe you can have a raucous good time together! You like getting lit and D10 is like a light switch, so we know the two of you are going to get along just fine.

Beyond our desire for you to develop a solid foundation for your relationship with D10, we also want you to be informed so you can avoid the myriad of sketchy products on the market. THC is now legal in a handful of states and because of this, there are new brands popping up almost daily. 

A select few of these brands, like TRĒ House, were founded by industry-leading experts and are 100% trustworthy. That being said, there are also plenty of bootleg brands out there who just want your money and don’t care about quality or safety. You know, the kind of brands that buy knock-off products “wholesale” from their uncle Jim’s cousin Bill in a strip club parking lot…

So, how do you avoid the cheeba pirates and get the quality you deserve? Knowledge. If you want to have the best possible Delta 10 experience, you need to know what it is and what you should be looking for. Luckily for you, TRĒ House has your back. 

Let’s get into it!

What is Delta 10?

Delta 10 is one of 113 naturally occurring cannabinoids. These cannabinoids occur naturally in both cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Though D10 can be found in both of these species of cannabis plants, it is most commonly extracted from cannabis indica. This cannabinoid is highly psychoactive and will most certainly get you more baked than a birthday cake. It is also unique in the sense that it is not your typical THC, but we’ll dive into that more in a bit…

When you consume Delta 10 THC, it interacts with the CB1 receptor of your body’s endocannabinoid system. Once this interaction takes place, D10 starts to affect your central nervous system and elicits all kinds of fun. Basically, that’s how Delta 10 gets you ripped.

This powerful THC isomer can be crafted into a huge variety of awesome products and has developed a reputation as one of the up-and-coming cannabinoids that every bonafide ganja guru is starting to get on board with.

There is so much to love about Delta-10 THC that we could literally write a Dostoevsky-sized romance novel about it. This has quickly become one of the most popular recreational cannabinoids because it can be crafted into a variety of awesome products like Delta-10 THC gummies, vapes, and cookies, and it also gets you baked in a totally new way.

There are several isomers of THC that occur on the same molecular chain; Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, and Delta 10 THC. Each of these THC isomers has its own unique effect on the human brain and body. Choosing between them is almost like choosing between having wine, beer, or liquor. No, cannabinoids aren’t going to get you intoxicated in the same way as alcohol, but the delta cannabinoids do have varying degrees of potency and feel noticeably different from one another.

Is Delta-10 THC Going to Make Me Fail a Drug Test

If you are still required to take regular drug tests, we apologize for how stupid the world can be. Drug tests that are meant to check for Marijuana use were designed to check your body for trace amounts of cannabinoids, more specifically THC. 

Because it is a form of THC, Delta-10 will likely cause you to fail a drug test. This isn’t always the case but remember, drug tests were designed to find THC in your system and D10 is THC, so there really isn’t any way around testing positive besides abstaining from use. 

If you’re concerned about having to take a drug test, you should consult your primary physician before consuming any Delta 10 products.

Making Sure You’re Getting the Best Delta 10

We want you to have the best possible experience whether it’s with us or with someone else and the only way to do this is to be informed.

Sure, you can just stick to TRĒ House and know with 100% certainty that you’re getting the best, but you might want to go out on a limb someday and give one of uncle Jim’s shady vapes a try. If that day comes, we want you to know what you should be looking for and what you’re missing out on by not using TRĒ House products.

Farm Bill Compliant

In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed. Yay! This made it legal to grow hemp and really opened the door for cannabis to progress as a legal industry. The DEA was suddenly off people’s backs and industrial hemp cultivation became federally legal. 

One of the most important aspects of the Farm Bill are the safety protocols that have come from it. If you’re using products that aren’t Farm Bill compliant, you’re not only taking a legal risk, but you’re also putting some unknown product into your body. 

No bueno. 

Stick to TRĒ House.

Thoroughly Tested at Third-Party Labs

To ensure that all of our products are Farm Bill compliant and 100% safe for use, we make sure that everything is thoroughly tested at ISO-certified third-party labs. This means you get Delta 10 products that are free of any heavy metals, residual pesticides, or contaminants of any kind.

If you’re on the hunt for a truly premium Delta-10 experience,

Get in the TRĒ House and let’s blast off!

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