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When it comes to rolling papers and other smoking supplies, your customers demand quality. With TRĒ House smoking accessories, you’re giving them the best of the best. Our wholesale smoking accessories collection includes everything your customers need for a positively lit smoking experience, including top-shelf rolling papers, rolling cones, rolling kits, rolling trays, herb grinders, lighters, ashtrays, and more! Plus, we offer our wholesale partners plenty of eye-catching TRĒ House clothing and merchandise, including hoodies, T-shirts, snapbacks, skateboards, and more! So, stock your shelves now with crowd-pleasing TRĒ House smoking accessories, clothing, and merch!

The Best Rolling Papers & Cones Anywhere!

Your customers don’t want a toxic, bleachy smoking experience. So, offer them top-quality rolling papers from TRĒ House, made with all-natural plant fibers and no bleach. We also carry high-quality cones, rolling kits, and roll ups with filter tips. Give your customers rolling supplies they can trust for the best smoking experience ever!

Rolling Trays & Other Superb Smoking Accessories

Rolling cigarettes and joints doesn’t just entail rolling papers. There’s a whole array of smoking supplies your customers need to have a great smoking experience. At TRĒ House, we have all the smoking accessories your customers desire, including rolling trays, herb grinders, rolling machines, lighters, ashtrays, and more!

TRĒ House Clothing, Skateboards & Merch!

TRĒ House is more than a brand, it’s a way of life! So, help your customers show their colors by carrying trippy TRĒ House T-shirts, hoodies, joggers, snapbacks, and other clothing. And make sure to stock all of our mind-melting merch, including skateboards, inflatable cones, stickers, and other dank faves!

Roll With the Best!

Whether it’s top-shelf rolling papers and cones, high-quality rolling trays and smoking accessories, or triptastic clothing and merch, we’ve got the products your customers will be asking for. So, stock up now and let your customers know you’re ready to roll!

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