The Hitchhiker’s Guide to THC P

The Hitch Hikers Guide to THC P

Sometimes we all get the distinct feeling that the world as we know it is coming to a crashing end and we should escape to the stars. Yes, the world is going to end at some point, but your fight or flight mind-set is probably due more to the stress of everyday life and not an asteroid on a collision course with earth or some distant species coming to destroy our planet.


That being said, there’s nothing wrong with wishing that Mos Def would come down a beer with you then blast off on some sweet space adventure. Because that’s not gonna happen, we have a more reasonable solution – Blasting off with THC-P!


There are a ton of different cannabinoids that have been gaining steam recently. Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-O, and HHC are some of the most popular cannabinoids out there right now, but there is an up-and-comer that is quickly making it’s way to the front of the line. 


If you want to hang out in a different reality for a bit, then you need to familiarize yourself with THC P!

Ready to blast off? Let’s go.


What is THC P? Get Excited

Ok, we know it’s difficult to keep up with all of the cannabinoids out there. At this point there are about 120 known cannabinoids, so no harm no foul if you don’t keep a binder with a chemical analysis of each, but THC P is definitely a compound that you want to know about and probably toke a whole bunch.


THC P is a naturally occuring cannabinoid that is produced in both Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. This compound is highly psychoactive and it is widely believed that THC P is up to 33 times stronger than THC. This means you can puff half as much THC P and get way more baked than you would off of twice as much THC. It also means you can use a tiny amount of THC P and still get plenty ripped. Impressive? Honestly, we’re blown away by this stuff.


Is THC P Stronger than THC O?

THC-O is considered one of the trippiest cannabinoids of alk. There’s something about it that feels borderline psychedelic. It is often used in conjunction with other cannabinoids because it’s so strong that puffing just THC-O by itself might be a bit too much.


The same goes for THC P. This compound is so insanely strong that it needs to be blended with other cannbinoids so it’s not completely overpowering. This might sound like it’s being “watered down”, but that’s actually not the case at all. Each cannibinoid gives it’s own unique buzz, and by blending them, you can curate what is essentially the perfect fade. 


When we think of super strong cannabinoids, our minds immediately go to THC-O and THC P. But which one is stronger? THC P is the victor here. THC P is significantly stronger that THC-O. 


Is THC P Legal?

THC P is about as legal as every other psychotropic cannabinoid. At this point, many of our beloved cannabinoids are legal throughout the country, but some states still have strict regulations.We highly recommend that you check local laws regarding cannabis before trying to buy any THC P online. We don’t want you to end up in the pokey! But if you do, write us a letter and we’ll be pen pals <3


The Best THC P Blends on The Planet (by TRE House, baby. DUH!)

TRE House obviously makes the best THC P products on the planet. If you aren’t yet familiar with these beauties, prepare to have your mind blown!

White Widow THC-O Cart Enhanced with THC P

When it comes to convenience, carts can’t be beat. We designed this potent cart to fit any 510-threaded device, packed it with cannabinoids, and came up with an insanely tasty flavor profile. With a hearty servig of THC-O and THC P, you rest assured that this beast of a cart will help you blast off!

Wedding Crasher Disposable – Delta 8 + Delta 10 + THC P

No, it’s not an Owen Wilson movie, it’s way better! This is a super strong disposable vape that brings you the mouth-watering taste of the classic Wedding Crasher cannabis strain. If you’re on the hunt for a delightfully sweet THC-P blend, this one is going to tickle your taste buds in ways so good you might need to confide in a friend about it.

Super Lemon Haze – Delta 8 + Delta 10 + THC P 

Super Lemon Haze is one of the skunkiest, most delicious cannabis flavors on the planet. For this impressive pen, we combined Delta 8 and Delta 10 with a hearty serving of super trippy THC P. This pen brings you a combination of citrus and cannabis goodness that’s so dank, you might forget what planet you’re on.

Ice Cream Cake – Delta 8 + Delta 10 + THC P 

When it comes to sweet, convenient disposables, it doesn’t get any better than the Ice Cream Cake Delta 8 + Delta 10 + THC P Live Resin Pen. This handy disposable is rechargeable, packed with potent cannabinoids, and lasts 800+ puffs. If you want a sweet pen that’ll keep you puffing until the cows come home. This Ice Cream Cake Disposable is going to be your new best friend!

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